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Stepping Up Your Job Search

Breaking News! Fat Workers are NOT Lazy or Crazy

What a shocker. A recent study from Michigan State University proves that overweight and obese employees are NOT lazier, more emotionally unstable, and harder to get along with than their normal-weight peers. Really! I just can't help wondering why they needed a flippin' study to figure out that you can't attribute a single set of characteristics to an entire group of people, just because they share a physical attribute.  More »

3 Phone Blunders that Can Hang Up Your Job Search

On the heels of Rick's post yesterday about phone interviews, I thought we should look at another phone-related topic for job seekers. I actually got this idea from a comment in my post about resume mistakes last week, where astute reader Marilyn pointed out that job seekers often forget about changing their voicemail messages, coaching the other people who might answer their phones, and using personal (not work) numbers in their job search. Here's how to keep these three phone-related blunders from disconnecting your employment opportunities.  More »

Job Search Quiz: Are You Well Informed or Lukewarm?

After publishing over 75 blog posts in less than five months, we've thrown a LOT of information at you. You're certainly not short on advice about what to do and what not to do during every aspect of your job hunt. So test your knowledge with this quiz and see how job-search savvy you really are.  More »

Got a Bad Job Reference? Blame Yourself

In the courtroom, you NEVER ask a witness a question unless you already know the answer. Every lawyer from Atticus Finch to Denny Crane has taught us that. And the same principle holds true for your job references: NEVER list anyone as a reference unless you know they'll speak highly of you. How can you be sure? Here are several suggestions.  More »

Sales 101: Be the Solution to the Employer's Problem

Despite its negative stereotypes, selling doesn't always involve a sleazy guy in polyester or an annoying telemarketer mispronouncing your name. When a knowledgeable, honest, and professional salesperson sells you something you need, you appreciate it. It's the same when you persuade a prospective employer that you're the right person for the job. If you can effectively sell yourself as the solution to their problem, they'll jump at the chance to hire you. What makes for an effective sales presentation? Here's a real-world example.  More »

So, Who's Lying Now?

Hiring managers and recruiters often accuse job candidates of lying on their resumes and during interviews. When they make these accusations, they're implying that they don't lie. But after two decades in the recruiting industry from both the company and candidate sides of the desk, I know that the majority of untruths come from the employer side.  More »

5 Tips on Working a Job Fair - Real or Virtual

Career expo ... recruitment event ... jobapalooza ... Whatever you call it, a job fair is a roomful of mutual potential: employers looking for new hires, and job hunters hoping to be hired. Unlike more conventional job-search methods, the job fair - be it real or even online, or virtual - guarantees a receptive audience for your resume and personal sales pitch. But your warm reception won't last long if you aren't professional and well prepared.  More »

Feeling Rejected? 7 Tips to Take Back Your Happy Place

Whether it's dating or job hunting, everyone's bound to get rejected along the way. And surprisingly, getting rejected for the job you thought would be perfect can hurt just as much as being turned down by your potential soul mate. Here are seven tips to help you get back to your happy place.  More »

Take a Leap of Faith in a Job Hopper?

A recent blog post posed a rather simple question: Would you hire a job hopper? Put another way: If you had two finalists for a position, would you go with the one who stayed five years at her last job? Or the job hopper who worked five jobs in the last five years?  More »

The Job Search Advice You Need to Hear Again and Again

One of our newest career-related discoveries is What Would Dad Say?, a blog written by dad and business authority G.L. Hoffman. He had a fantastic post last week, called The Class Everyone Thought You Took, But You Didn't. The class in question was Interviewing 101. Frankly, it's nothing that we haven't all heard (or said) before, but it's so basic, so important, and so simply stated that it really ought to be embroidered on a throw pillow.  More »
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