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Feeling Rejected? 7 Tips to Take Back Your Happy Place

Whether it's dating or job hunting, everyone's bound to get rejected along the way. And surprisingly, getting rejected for the job you thought would be perfect can hurt just as much as being turned down by your potential soul mate. The only difference is you (hopefully) get over the job rejection faster. It might take a while to get an offer from another employer, but don't worry, you'll move on to bigger and better things. Here are seven tips to help you get back to your happy place:

  1. Always leave room for Plan B. One of the worst things you can do before you even get rejected is to put all your efforts and hopes into one job opening. Not landing that job can be tragic, so keep your options open with other positions to fall back on and soften the blow.
  2. Don't take it personally! As Gregg Behrendt and Liz Tuccillo, authors of He's Just Not That Into You say, "he's just not that into you if he's not asking you out." Sounds simple, right? Well it is that simple. If the employer doesn't make you an offer after the second interview, it doesn't mean you're a bad candidate or that you can't do the job well - it just means you're not the right fit for them. Get over it and move on.
  3. Leave the past alone. Often when we're turned down, we dredge up rejections from our past, making the current rejection seem worse than it is. This leads to second-guessing ourselves and drags out the recovery period. Instead, when you don't land a job that you were certain you'd be perfect for, think about how those old disappointments led to bigger and better things. Look to the future and figure out where to take your next shot.
  4. Stay classy. Getting rejected sucks. There's no pretty way of dealing with it. But when you're presented with a "we've decided to go with someone else" email, you should still respond courteously with a thank-you note. They may have crushed your dreams, but if you show some class, they may pass your name on to someone else who has a better opportunity for you! Karma, baby.
  5. Find an ego-booster. If you're sure you did nothing wrong and you can't help but take "no" personally, use your thank you email as an opportunity to ask what areas you could improve on. You might get some valuable information you can use in your next interview.
  6. Let loose. Rejections can take a toll on your mind and body. So go ahead and take some time to let out your frustrations. Grab a beer with friends, take your kids to Six Flags and scream your way down Superman, or do whatever it is you do to take your mind off things.
  7. Keep on truckin'. You'll never get over rejection if you stop searching for a "yes." It may take longer than you anticipated, but your next job is out there and you'll get it eventually. Just think of the satisfaction you'll get when a company finally makes you an offer!

What have you done to get over a job rejection? What kind of advice would you offer someone else who's going through a similar scenario?

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