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Your Resumes & Letters - Delivered
Sending your resumes and letters with Pongo is easy - we'll make sure your faxes and emails get to their destinations and if they don't, you'll be the first to know.
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Want to set up a reminder for yourself? Problems resending a resume? Just need help getting organized? Whether your question is technical or career-oriented, our Customer Care Specialists can help.

Check out our Career Corner and find dozens of articles and blog posts written by job search experts to help you every step of the way.
We Track It For You!
Keep track of all the resumes and letters you've submitted
See when your documents were sent and set follow up reminders
Verify the person and company you sent them to
View your send method (Fax or Email) and resend failed transmissions
Deliverability Is Our Priority
Killer resume - check. Awesome cover letter - check. Delivered - hopefully? With Pongo, there are no worries. Our advanced tracking system makes sure your documents get delivered. If the delivery should fail (incorrect fax number, misspelled email address, etc.), we'll email you right away. Just click to log in, correct the information and resend. It's quick and easy.
Track Everything
Hand delivered or snail mailed resumes? Networking with friends and colleagues? No problem. Use the "Add an Activity" feature to keep a record and stay organized.
Set Tasks and Reminders
Stay on top of your job search by adding tasks in the Tracker. Whether you need to buy a suit for an interview or remind yourself to send a thank you, you can do it here.
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