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Wall Street Journal - Years Can Be Assets in a Job Hunt

Confront the stereotypes. In your cover letter or résumé, say you're "very adaptable to changing corporate policies and direction," . and "be ready to talk about previous situations where things changed at work and you adapted easily."  More »

The Ladders - Parse Your Resume. Make Sure Your Skills are Transferable to The New Industry

Get ahead of recruiters and hiring managers who only want to consider candidates with industry experience. Make it clear that your experience outweighs your lack of tenure in a specific field.  More » - Resume Writing 101: Pongo Resume Shares Top Ten Tips and Best Practices

Pongo understands the tremendous challenges facing today’s job seekers—among them the need to create an eye-popping resume that will help them stand out among the sea of candidates and rise to the top of the resume reader’s list.  More »

Metrowest Daily News - Pongo Resume Adds Interview Tips as Job Seeker Resource

Pongo announces the addition of Interview Tips, a multi-media Web 2.0 interview tips resource, to its suite of resume-building and jobs-related tools.  More »

Yahoo! Finance - Pongo Resume Expands Suite of Job Search Tools

Pongo announces the expansion of its suite of job search tools with the launch of Interview Tips, a multi-media Web 2.0 training program designed to give job seekers the skills and confidence to ace their job interviews and secure a job.  More »

New York Times - Getting Up in Years, and Getting the Job

Do not list the years when you graduated from college or graduate school. Leaving off the date might raise a red flag, but usually it doesn’t. When a résumé is screened, they are looking for specific things like degrees and the minimum experience requirements, not dates.  More »

ABC News - How to Help Unemployed Friends

Patricia Lewis's boss called her into his office at a community bank in Sarasota, Fla., to deliver some bad news: He was eliminating her job as marketing director because of tight budgets.  More »

MSNBC - Out of Work? It's Time to Get Connected

LinkedIn and Facebook see membership rise as those out of work stampede to the Internet to find jobs.  More »

Career World Magazine - Building an E-Portfolio: Resumes Are Good. Are Electronic Portfolios Better?

As a journalism major at Arkansas Tech University, Ryan Casey McShane has spent his college career building a great background in writing and public relations. But he felt an ordinary resume couldn't do justice to his experiences. So McShane got creative. He put together an e-portfolio with copies of articles he has written, layouts he has designed, and other accomplishments.  More »

Times Union - Is the Resume Dead? The Experts Weigh In

To the individual job seeker, the resume documents what they have done but does a poor job of communicating what they can do.  More » - Cover Letters and Resumes (Part 4): Top Resume Writing Tips

Cover letters and résumés are so important that they can mean the difference between landing a first interview or receiving a generic “we’ve decided to pursue another candidate” e-mail from an organization (if they communicate with you at all).  More »

Worcester Business Journal - Top 40 Under Forty: Rodney B. Capron Jr.

Pongo's President & CEO, Rodney Capron, Jr. is named one of Worcester Business Journal's 40 Under Forty.  More »

U.S. News & World Report - What's Good and Bad About Temp Work

Temp agencies are often the place to jump-start a job search. They provide an option for those who have growing gaps in their résumés and those who are looking for extra money without entering (or going back) into the workforce full time.  More »

MarketWatch - Pongo Resume Partners with State of Texas to Provide Online Job Search Tools

Pongo enters into a licensing agreement with the State of Texas to deliver online resume and letter building tools to be used by people seeking employment opportunities in that state.  More »

Boston Business Journal - Resume Lies

Hiring managers know job candidates are putting their best feet forward and typically don't include every career detail on resumes. But outward lies and deceptions on a resume are more common than you might think.  More »

Christian Science Monitor - Seven Things Employees Want Most to Be Happy at Work

Ask bosses what makes employees happy at work, and many are likely to think in terms of tangible rewards: a good salary, a pleasant office, generous benefits. Those play a role in job satisfaction, of course. But increasingly, workplace specialists are discovering that for many workers, the "happiness factor" depends heavily on intangibles, such as respect, trust, and fairness.  More »
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