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1. Why is my resume blank?

To use our Resume Builder and Letter Builder, you'll need to have the Adobe Flash player on your computer. Flash technology is a popular method for adding interactivity to web pages.

The good news is, it only takes a moment to download a Flash plug-in for your browser, you only have to do it once, and it works for both Mac and PC users!

To install the Flash plug-in directly from Adobe go to:

Be sure to restart your computer once the installation is complete!

2. Can you tell me more about the Trial Account?

Our Trial Account gives you a no-cost, no-obligation way to evaluate the Resume Builder and Letter Builder tools. It's our "try before you buy" membership level.

With your Trial Account, you'll be able to access:

  • Easy Resume Builder
  • Tips and Sample Phrases
  • Custom Resume Templates
  • Prewritten Letter Templates
  • Job Search
  • Help from Certified Professional Resume Writers
  • Ability to duplicate, modify, and save multiple versions
  • Instant onscreen updates and previews
  • Secure, private storage on our servers
  • 24/7 access to your documents from any computer

Once you've tested the tools, you can upgrade to a Monthly or Annual Membership for just $14.95/month, or $59.95/year. (The Annual Membership is only $4.99/month billed annually, and a free resume critique is included!) Any documents you create and save in your Trial Account will still be available after you upgrade.

As a Monthly or Annual Member, you'll be able to Print, Download, Email, and Fax your documents right from our site. You'll also have access to Interview Tips, including exclusive advice from hiring managers and our expert one-on-one support. Go ahead and create your free resume today!

And remember to reference the Career Corner and Pongo Blog during your job search for valuable tips and advice.

Have a question? Email us or call 1-866-486-4660.

3. Can I add and remove headings on my resume?

When in the resume, first click the Headings button (top-right of page). You'll see two columns: Available Headings and Assigned Headings. Only the headings in the Assigned column will appear in your resume.

To Add a Heading: Select the heading you want from the Available column, then click the right arrow (located between the columns) to move it into the Assigned column. You may also write your own Custom heading.

To Remove a Heading: Select the heading you want to remove from the Assigned column, then click the left arrow button to move it into the Available column. You can also change the order of the headings by selecting the heading you want to move and using the up and down arrows located on the right hand side.

4. How do I make a copy of my Resume or Letter without overwriting
the original?

Open the original Resume or Letter, then click Duplicate (upper-left menu bar) and Name the new document. Be sure the name is different from the original name.

HINT: Choose a name that will help you identify this document later. For example, TJX Sales Rep, rather than just Version 2.

You now have a separate copy that you can edit, and your original stays the same.

Ideally, you should do this each time you apply for a different position, so you can tweak it to match the employer's specific criteria.

5. How do I reactivate an old account?

When you log into your account (by clicking LOGin in the upper right corner of the screen) you will arrive at your Account Management page, where you can reactivate your Membership. Simply choose from a Monthly or Annual Membership (click the Reactivate button), update your credit card information and click Reactivate.

You can also reactivate your account by phone by calling 1-866-486-4660.

6. How do I save the resume to my computer?
  • With your resume or letter open, click the button labeled Download.
  • Click the Download button under the appropriate format (Text, Word,or PDF).
  • When the document is ready, you should see a message indicating, "Your document is ready for download". Click the "Click Here" link.
  • A new window will open asking whether you would like to Open or Save the document. Select the Save option and choose a location on your computer to save the file. Your download should now be complete.
7. I need help with what to say on my resume.

We provide tips and sample phrases within our Resume Help and Letter Help, which are always located in the left-hand margin when you are working on a Resume or Letter. Once you enter into a heading you will then get specific sample phrases and resume/cover letter tips for that particular heading.

8. How can Pongo help me get a job?

A Pongo Membership gives you all the tools and expert support you need to excel in your job search:

  • Professional resume templates and layouts with tips and phrases to help you along the way
  • Sample cover, follow-up, thank you and acceptance letters
  • Ability to duplicate, modify, and save multiple versions
  • Instant onscreen updates and previews
  • Secure, private storage on our servers
  • 24/7 access to your documents from any computer
  • Job Search Tool to help you locate your dream job(s)
  • Expert one-on-one support
  • Interview Tips, including the inside scoop from real Hiring Managers

With Pongo, writing a resume isn't the only goal. We'll take your job search to the next level and help you get the job you want.

9. Can I see where I've emailed my resumes and letters?

Yes! Simply click the View Activity/Tasks link in the Resume or Letter listing. For each resume and letter, you'll see a list of to who, where and when you've emailed and faxed your resume. You can also add your own entries here for snail-mailed and hand-delivered resumes and click the Add Task icon to set follow-ups and reminders.

With Pongo, everything you need is in one place!

10. How do I get a professional to write my resume and letters for me?

You can find our Professional Resume and Professional Letters services under the Plans menu.

For Professional Resumes, you will be presented with three options: Entry Level, Experienced and Executive. Select the one that best fits your background and complete the process. Once you've provided the necessary information, you'll have your expertly written resume in your email in-box within 48-72 hours! We'll even create a complimentary version of your resume in our Resume Builder so you can send and track it directly from your Pongo account!

For Professional Letters, your options are Cover Letter, Follow Up and Thank You. Our professional writers will write a letter highlighting your skills and experience that will be easy for you to edit and use for multiple positions. Or, to get your foot in the door for that job you really, really want to land, we can write a completely custom letter targeted to that specific position and hiring manager. Simply select the letter you need and complete the process. Your writer will be in touch with any questions and you'll have your letter within 2 business days!

Attention Mobile User

At this time, our Resume and Letter Builders are only available in Flash.

We recommend that you download the Puffin Web Browser, which supports Flash on mobile devices.

Download Puffin Web Browser

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