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Pongo was born of the desire to cater to individuals who want to make a great impression and ultimately, land their dream job.

We have been supporting job seekers for over 15 years. We created the first online Resume Builder and Cover Letter Builder and we're still going strong today with over 4.7 million members who have created over 6 million resumes. As a matter of fact, our statistics show that 70% of our members surveyed get jobs after using Pongo.

Why are we better than all the resume builder sites that have sprung up in the past few years? Because we're much more than a resume builder. We are a company (based in the U.S.) that truly cares about job seekers. Because of that, we've invested thousands of hours to create the best tools and guidance for our members - from resumes to letters, to interviews, to job acceptance. Pongo is the whole package.

When you talk with a Pongo Customer Care Specialist, you are talking to a Certified Professional Resume Writer
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Pongo has been supporting job seekers for over 15 years ago and is still going strong today with over 4.6 million membersvid

Of course, we know you can find free information all over the Internet. So, why use us? Well, for starters, we've gone the extra mile to consult actual Hiring Managers from different industries (you'll meet them in our Interview Tips videos) to get the story on what they are looking for in resumes, letters and interviews. We've put all that first-hand knowledge into our tools and tips.

We've also invested in our people - when you talk with our Customer Care Specialists, you are talking to Certified Professional Resume Writers. They can do more than just provide technical support - they can help you solve a gap in your employment history, address a career change, and even write a professional resume or letter for you.

Think about how much faster, easier and better your job search will be when you understand what companies are thinking and it's no longer about 'just needing a resume'. You can really put your talent and skills to work in the right setting for you and the employer and Boom! - your career becomes more than just a job. The end result? A better life - both personally and professionally. Isn't that what we ALL want?

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