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Resume Tips And Advice

Using Power Verbs to Get the Interview

Verbs are the action of a sentence; they are the part that packs all of the punch. And if you want to get the interview, you'd better have power and impact.  More »

4 Simple Rules to Make Your Resume Standout

In order to be successful in your job search, people say you need to make your resume stand out from the rest of the people applying to the same position. This is really not as difficult as one might think. The hiring managers at Pongo can tell you many stories about the resumes we've received over the years for a variety of the positions we've posted. From our experience, just by practicing these four simple rules, your resume will easily stand out from your competition:  More »

Update Your Resume Month Contest

September is International Update Your Resume Month. To celebrate, Pongo is giving away one prize package every Thursday in September, starting on September 8th!  More »

Resumes Are Not Dead

2011 marks the 25th anniversary of the first recorded prediction of the resume's death. Of course as a resume building service, we would say resumes are not dead. However, don't take our word for it. RezScore recently posted on their blog 10 Reason Why the Resume is Here to Stay. We've picked our four favorite reasons:  More »

Writing a Keyword Summary: What You Need To Know

If you have ever seen Keyword Summary listed on a resume but are not sure what the purpose of it is or how to write this section properly, you're not alone. The Keyword Summary is new to the resume building process and was added when electronic resume submissions became commonplace.  More »

Where Did My Resume Go? Uncovering The Mystery

After you send your resume, what happens to it once it reaches the employer? Done right, it can avoid an employer's black hole and land you on the short list of prime candidates.  More »

'Mad Men' Fans: Here's Don Draper's Resume!

Are you a fan of the hit TV show Mad Men? If you are, or even if you're not, take a look at a resume we wrote for the lead character, Don Draper, played by Jon Hamm.  More »

Why Your Resume Can Use a Second Proofreader

Sometimes it takes someone else to point out something you don't see on your resume that could lead to disaster. Here's what a resume can have in common with your car's brake lights.  More »

Turn Your Resume Fluff into Facts

Does your resume reflect what you can do, or is it more focused on what work qualities you think you bring to the job? That's another way of asking whether you're marketing yourself with facts, or with what we call fluff -- words that have become clich├ęs in the job search world. Learn how to turn the fluff into facts.  More »

Sending Your Resume? Make It a PDF

Here's a quick question for you to ponder: What's the most popular format for submitting resumes to employers? Is it PDF? Word? Plain text? Or something else? In most cases, PDF is the way to go.  More »
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