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Resume Tips And Advice

Do Second Opinions Help or Hurt Your Resume?

Second opinion. When I hear those words, the first thing that comes to mind is a bad diagnosis. Like when one doctor swears you have cancer while the second opinion reveals that you don't. Second opinions are a big deal in that respect, but are they as big a deal to your job search and career?  More »

Ask Pongo: Which Heading Do I Use for My Experience?

Our online Resume Builder gives you five different options for headings that identify your work experience. Since our templates are fully customizable, we suggest figuring out which of the five works best for you. This blog post explores the five options.  More »

9 Quick Resume Fixes from a Career Expert

By now you've probably seen our Don't Be Dave video resume spoof. Dave's cringe-worthy video blunders are fun to watch, but if you're hungry for usable tips to help your job search, check out this recent post on AOL's Jobs blog by Barbara Safani, expert resume writer, job search strategist, and owner of Career Solvers.  More »

Last Day to Update Your Resume!

Just kidding! Today is really just the last day of our Update Your Resume Month giveaway, when a simple Tweet can win you a month of unlimited Pongo services and a free resume critique. To conclude this month-long observance, I want to leave you with some tips on updating your resume if you haven't done so yet.  More »

Video Resumes: If You Must Create One, Don't Be Dave

Video resumes have been around for several years, but have you ever seen a job posting that asked for one? I haven't. There are many reasons they haven't replaced traditional resumes and cover letters, and this video resume from an unhirable character named Dave illustrates many of them.  More »

Top 10 Careless Resume Update Mistakes

When we get anxious about looking for a new job, we tend to overlook obvious details in our resumes. Example: A man who'd been working overseas had a great resume, but forgot to update his contact information when he returned to the States. That meant every potential employer got an overseas mailing address and phone number. You might think you'd never make such an obvious mistake, but it happens all the time, especially if you haven't glanced at your resume in several years. So here are the top 10 careless mistakes to avoid when you update your own resume.  More »

Update Your Resume with Pongo Resume!

It's International Update Your Resume Month and we're giving away free Pongo services each week in September. In fact, the first prize package will be announced on Twitter today! So while we're all about honoring this important month, we believe you should update your resume throughout the year, and Pongo makes it easy to do that.  More »

How to Get Your Resume Noticed? Think Above the Fold

What's the most important part of your resume? Take it from a former newspaper editor: Page one, above the fold. That's how a resume is like the front page of a newspaper, and one of several reasons why writing a resume comes easily to me.  More »

5 Examples of Ridiculous Resume Writing

Resumes are such important documents. Your future livelihood may depend on the words you use to communicate your qualifications. So it's only natural that job seekers are tempted to use longer, fancier, more formal words, rather than the simplest, most direct forms. But it's a temptation you should resist. Too often, the result is a document that sounds ridiculously proper, and fails to achieve its goal of quickly communicating your value to the employer.  More »

Resume and Cover Letter Words That Can Trip You Up

English is a funny language. There are different words that mean the same thing, single words that have different meanings, and words that are prone to mispronunciation, such as nook-you-ler when it's really nook-lee-er , and Feb-you-erry instead of Feb-roo-erry. Then there are words that sound alike. Here are five confusing word pairs and how you should use them properly on your resume and cover letters.  More »
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