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Resume Tips And Advice

"How Do I Make My Resume Stand Out?"

Last week, I wrote a blog post asking you to voice any questions that stump you in your job search. This one question was popular enough to be asked more than once. Want to know how to make your resume stand out among the other 500 applicants applying for the job you want?  More »

The Hazards of Resume Promiscuity

A surprising number of job seekers think the key to getting hired is submitting a resume to as many job openings as possible. This is what I like to call resume promiscuity, and like that other kind of promiscuity, it's pretty ineffective if your goal is a meaningful, long-term gig.  More »

Top 5 Resume Questions According to Google

It's called Google Suggest, and it's a list of popular search terms that you might be interested in based on the first few words you type. I typed in the words should my resume, and found that the first five suggestions were some of the simplest questions anyone could have about resumes. So here they are, with equally simple Pongo answers.  More »

Predicting the Future of the Resume

By now you've probably had it up to here with predictions and what-to-expect articles for the new year. But I hope you can stomach just one more, because a colleague (thanks, Jen!) recently alerted me to this article on resume trends by career expert Louise Kursmark. She offers some interesting insights about the future of resumes and the factors contributing to their evolution.  More »

You Did THAT on Your Resume? Really!?!

If these five resume errors were rare, there'd be no need to discuss them. Unfortunately, they're not only common, they're also forehead-slappingly obvious. So, in the sarcastic spirit of SNL's Weekend Update Really!?! segment, I give you five really common resume mistakes that you really don't want to make.  More »

'Tis the Season to Fine-Tune Your Resume

If the economy watchers are correct, finding a job will be easier--if just a little--in 2010. And that makes this holiday season a great time to fine-tune your resume so you're ready to jump when the next job opportunity knocks. So, carve out a little time and look at four areas of your resume.  More »

3 Easy Tips for Perfect Bullet Lists on Your Resume

On a resume, bullet lists are a lot easier to read than paragraphs, so if you're already using bullet lists, you're ahead of the game. But don't get excited just yet. There are good bullet lists and there are bad bullet lists, and many of the resumes I see have baaad bullet lists. Find out whether yours need help, and follow these three simple tips to bullet perfection.  More »

Super-Easy Method for Writing a Targeted Resume

Most of us prefer to do things as quickly and easily as possible, as long as we don't sacrifice quality. Am I right? So here's a form that will make it quicker and easier to translate a job posting into a targeted resume (and cover letter) that shows the employer what a good candidate you are.  More »

Take it from HR: One Typo Can Kill Your Chances

You can't know whether the person you're emailing will or won't dump you because of a typo on your resume or cover letter. But you can be sure that most job openings are going to attract a lot of applicants, and the folks on the receiving end are going to need some way to make the pool smaller. That's why you have to make sure your resume and cover letter are perfect every time.  More »

Can Your Resume and Cover Letter Use a Little Passion?

Most of us are drawn toward people who are passionate about their work. Their enthusiasm can inspire us to do bigger and better things, spur us into action, or just make us feel good about ourselves. Maybe your resume and cover letter could use a little passion to inspire a hiring manager to call you for an interview.  More »
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