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Resume Tips And Advice

Resume Writing for the Clueless II: Your Summary

If I could give the clueless job seeker only one piece of resume writing advice, it would be this: Start your resume with a summary of your best qualifications. Beginning the resume with this kind of short preview of your most impressive and relevant accomplishments, skills, and experience helps readers see within seconds how you fit their needs.  More »

Fluff Is for Tabloids, Not Resumes

I finally received my Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW) diploma this week, so I'm no longer the only writer on staff without that accreditation (woohoo!). But getting that piece of paper meant I had to update my blog bio to match. I noticed that my first bio was an ill attempt at making me sound as experienced as my fellow writers, even though they're years ahead of me on their career paths. What was I thinking? Take this revelation and apply it to your resume.  More »

Resume Writing for the Clueless: Contact Info

Educational institutions teach us lots of things that will (theoretically) help us succeed in our jobs. But they rarely teach us how to write a resume, which is what you need to get hired for those jobs. As a result, we have a lot of otherwise smart people who are pretty much clueless when it comes to resume writing. In this post, you'll find basic Dos and Don'ts for providing contact information (name, address, phone, email) at the top of your resume. (We'll cover other resume sections in upcoming posts.)  More »

Spice Up Your Professional Summary with a Headline

You may have heard this before but it's worth repeating: Your resume has only 10 to 15 seconds to grab a hiring manager's attention, so you need to make every one of those seconds count. An effective way to get the hiring manager to continue reading is with a headline in your professional summary that effectively shouts your value.  More »

I Sent My Resume with a Typo! Should I Send a New One?

The short answer is: maybe. Ask all your favorite career experts that question and some would tell you to send a new resume, while others would tell you not to worry about it. What it really boils down to is whether the hiring manager is likely to notice the typo, and whether they'll care if they do. And that largely depends on how good your resume is overall, along with the kind of job you're seeking.  More »

Are You Smarter Than a Spell Checker? Part II

'No spelling errors' is one of the first rules of resume writing. Yet the English language, with its non-standard spellings and exceptions to every rule, seems cruelly designed to thwart our efforts. Take for instance the words Loose, Lose, Choose, and Chose. Despite their similar spellings, loose doesn't rhyme with choose, and lose doesn't rhyme with chose. But that's just one example. Take this quiz to identify 12 more commonly misused and/or misspelled resume words.  More »

Good Resume But No Interviews? It Could Be Your Name

We have a guy named Barack in the White House, so name discrimination must be history, right? Sure, tell that to the woman who wrote a post on Tuesday describing her experience as a highly qualified job candidate who couldn't get an interview until she began using her middle name (Danielle) instead of her first name (Danisha) on her resume. Would you have done the same? Let us know in the poll at the end of this post.  More »

Create an Attractive Resume Employers Will Notice

There are rules for resume writing that are pretty standard and widely accepted by professional resume writers and hiring managers. But what about resume format and style? Can employers really be so picky about appearance that they ignore how well-written and on target your experience and qualifications are?  More »

Should You 'Dumb Down' Your Resume to Get a New Job?

Imagine yourself in this situation: You're an experienced professional in your late 50s whose background includes high-level managerial positions over the last 10 years. One day, you find yourself laid off. In spite of this, you realize you may need to take a step or two down the career ladder. Your solution is to downplay your high-level experience, or dumb down your resume. Can it really improve your chances?  More »

How Do YOU Spell Resume?

You've probably noticed that resume is sometimes spelled with no accents, sometimes with one, and often with two. Since this blog resides on a web site called Pongo Resume (no accents) you may have astutely gathered that the no-accent option is perfectly acceptable. It is, of course. But is it the, ahem, proper way?  More »
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