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Resume Tips And Advice

Basic Resume Formatting Rules

The overall look and feel of your resume may seem trivial compared to what your resume says, but it's not. Visual elements such as font type, size, and style, along with margins and indents, make a difference for first impressions. Here are a few guidelines for creating a resume that's readable and inviting.  More »

Resume Buzzwords: Prove Them or Lose Them

Using resume buzzwords and phrases without offering proof is like me claiming to look like Julianne Moore. Saying it doesn't make it true. Here's how you can strengthen your resume by backing up buzzword-y claims with solid evidence from your work experience.  More »

Hiring Managers Look for Related Experience First

When it's time to write a resume, some job seekers have a hard time figuring out which elements to emphasize in order to land an interview. But what's the most important aspect of a resume that hiring managers look for? A recent survey posed that question to 85 hiring managers in Orange County, CA.  More »

How to Make Your Resume Visually Appetizing

I was invited to a dinner party with some old friends this weekend. There were two dessert options: a tray of individual pastries and a delicious-looking chocolate cake. One of those desserts never got touched, for the same reason some really good resumes never get read.  More »

Resume Buzzword Bingo: A Game You Don't Want to Win

Buzzword Bingo has been around for years, but we've created a new version - Resume Buzzword Bingo. This bingo card has squares filled with the all-too-common expressions HR people, recruiters, and hiring managers see over and over on job candidates' resumes. How many appear on your resume?  More »

7 Resume Writing Tips for Your Education Section

These seven guidelines will help you determine how to complete the Education section of your resume. They'll help you decide what to include, what to leave out, and what to do about that school you attended but didn't graduate.  More »

Rerun: What Counts as Experience on a New Grad's Resume

If you took advantage of an internship during your college years, you've already got something great to list under the Experience section of your first professional resume. But what if you don't have an internship to vouch for your experience? Fear not! Here are a few things you can add to your resume that count as experience.  More »

Updating an Old Resume? Lose the Objective and Duties

You're facing a job change and have no clue where your old resume is. It's been more than 10 years since you had to think about it. Before you start writing, be aware of these two resume changes that have come to be the new standard.  More »

"Should I Put a Short-Term Job on My Resume?"

The scenario: You worked a job for a very short time (1 to 2 months) and want to know if that job belongs on your resume or not. The simple answer applies to any job you've ever had, whether it lasted 5 years or 2 months. Keep reading to find out what that answer is.  More »

Focus Your Resume on the Employer's Needs

If you graduated from college within the last month, submitted resumes, and received just a couple of nibbles in response, you're probably getting a little antsy. Maybe it's time to look at your resume Objective again and think of ways to improve it to persuade more employers to contact you.  More »
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