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Home > Blog: Resumes > Resume Buzzwords: Prove Them or Lose Them

Resume Buzzwords: Prove Them or Lose Them

Long Red HairI have long, red hair and emerald green eyes. I'm a good artist, and I have a great sense of humor.

Ok, I lied. I have short, sandy brown hair and blue eyes. And although I like to believe the rest is true, I wouldn't expect you to take my word for it. After all, I lied about the other stuff.

Not long ago, we introduced you to the Resume Buzzword Bingo Card, which laid out a couple dozen of the most overused and under-proven terms that appear on resumes. Using resume buzzwords and phrases without offering proof is like me claiming to look like Julianne Moore. Saying it doesn't make it true.

So today, I'd like to follow up with a few examples of how you can strengthen your resume by backing up buzzword-y claims with solid evidence from your work experience. 

Instead of just saying this:

Prove it by saying something like this:

Team Player

Worked with three colleagues in marketing department to write and design new branding standards guide.

Organizational Skills
Set up filing system that eliminated recurring problems with misplaced invoices and late payments.
Detail-Oriented Identified and corrected 64 punctuation errors, 23 spacing inconsistencies, and 4 typographical errors on corporate web site.
Multi-Tasking Skills Completed four successful product launches within a six-week period, including coordination of assembly, packaging, shipping, documentation, and publicity.
Quick Learner Mastered XYZ Database program within first week on job and led training classes after two months.
Initiated twice-weekly status checks with department heads to verify progress toward quarterly goals.

What are some examples of ways a job seeker could strengthen other resume buzzwords? Post your suggestions in the Comments section below.

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