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Job Search: Perfecting The Process

Thinking Career Change?
Figure Out What's Right for You

Most of us have considered switching careers. For some, it's a matter of necessity, because job opportunities are scarce in their current fields. Others hope a change will improve their career prospects, be a better fit, or just get them out of a rut. If you're considering a career change, start by asking yourself three very important questions.  More »

Beginner's Guide to the Job Search Process

If you're looking for your first full-time job, or it's been years since your last job hunt, you're probably not quite sure what to expect on the journey from where you are now (wanting a new job) to where you need to be (getting hired). Here are the basic steps, from applying for jobs to landing one.  More »

The Basics of an Effective Job Search

You've come to a critical decision: It's time to look for a new job, something you haven't done in a few years. But where do you begin? Before you do, follow our five basic steps to launching a job search.  More »

Preparing for Re-Entry: Overcoming Obstacles in the Workforce

If you’ve been out of the workforce for a little while, how difficult or easy is it to get back in? Read how one woman regained her confidence when she went back to work. Take advantage of the lessons she offers to those who are trying to re-enter the workforce today.  More »

How to Succeed at a Job Fair

Career Expo, Recruitment Event, Jobapalooza. Whatever you call it, a job fair is a roomful of mutual potential: employers looking for new hires, and job hunters hoping to be hired. But your warm reception won’t last long if you aren’t professional, presentable, and well prepared. Follow these steps to learn how to make the best impression at a job fair.  More »

Myths and Realities of Job Searching

In the career world, we hear a lot of misconceptions about job-search strategies and tactics. It's not surprising that so many of these myths are still floating around. Technology, cultural trends, and corporate values are changing faster than we can keep up. Here are some of today’s common myths and realities surrounding resumes, cover letters, and job interviews.  More »

Career Journaling for the Future

If your dream job opened up today, how long would it take you to update your resume and send it out? If your answer is measured in “days” rather than “minutes,” you might want to consider a more proactive approach.  More »

Transitioning from Student to Professional: What They Don't Teach You in School

Moving from school to the workplace is one of the most profound transitions life throws at you. All your life you’ve been asked, "What do you want to be when you grow up?" Well now you are grown up. But if you’re like many recent grads, you still don’t have a clear answer to the question.  More »
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