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Stepping Up Your Job Search

Why Temping Might Be a Good Option for You

If you're a typical job seeker, you're looking for a job where you can stay for a few years. You like stability, structure, a daily routine, a steady paycheck, and good benefits. But there's an upside to landing a temporary job.  More »

Double Dose of Humor for the Job Seeker

Since it's Wednesday and it may seem like an eternity until the weekend, or if you're unemployed and your job search is bumming you out, I'll bet you could use a double shot of humor right now. So read this post to learn about weird jobs and resume bloopers.  More »

What Do Required, Preferred, and Desired Skills Mean?

Most job postings designate required, preferred, and desired skills from the people employers will consider. How much does a job seeker need from each of these three groups to apply, and land an interview? This post can help you answer that.  More »

Step Up Your Job Search During the Holidays

We're a week into the traditional start of the holiday season. If you're among the millions of Americans who are out of work, the coming weeks will test your mood amid the joy and anticipation that come with the season. But it's also a good time to boost your job search efforts.  More »

Which Phone Number Should I Put on My Resume?

The first phone call you receive from a potential employer will likely be a phone screen or a brief phone interview. The point of contact you provide them will dictate how prepared you are to answer their calls and talk to them on the spot. Here's how to decide which phone number is the best to put on your resume.  More »

Hate Your Job? Stay Positive While You Look for Another

Stuck in a job you can't wait to leave? In this guest post written for Work Coach CafĂ©, read about five ways to stay positive while you look for something else.  More »

What Veterans Need to Know When Moving to Civilian Work

A veteran of the Air Force -- Pongo's IT manager -- offers the wisdom of his experience on how military personnel can make an effective transition into civilian work. And, on this Veterans Day, we extend a special thank you to all veterans who have worked and sacrificed in service to the United States.  More »

Super Busy? You Can Still Make Time to Job Search

You hate your job, you're underpaid, and you want nothing more than to find a new job, but you're so busy with work and life that you swear you can't find time to actively job search. But oh, you do have time! You can be an active job seeker while still dedicating most of your time to your current job and your non-work life. Here are four quick and easy suggestions.  More »

Poll: How Did You Get Your Last Job?

Last year, we took a poll that asked how people got their most recent jobs. We're curious to see if the answers have changed in a year's time, so we thought it would be a good idea to ask again.  More »

A Little Slow in Getting Hired? Get Inspired!

Is your job search weighing a bit heavily on you as you begin another week? If so, read any or all of these three articles I recently found on the web to help you regain some mojo.  More »
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