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Stepping Up Your Job Search

Smart or Stalker-esque? The Art of Following Up

I can't think of anything more controversial in job hunting than the question of when and how to follow up. Career advisers tell job seekers to follow up with employers. HR people complain about the flood of phone calls they get every time they place an ad. Conflicting advice is everywhere. What's a candidate to do?  More »

Does Job Search Success Lie in Planning and Attitude?

You've probably heard such phrases as attitude determines altitude or proper preparation prevents poor performance. Motivational reminders like these may be more helpful than you think when you're mired in a job search with seemingly no end in sight. Proper planning and expressing positive emotions during your search can play a big role in landing the job you want, according to researchers at the University of Missouri.  More »

Mini-Resume Can Ease the Strain of Networking

Networking should be a part of every job seeker's strategy. But some may find it uncomfortable to talk about themselves and their abilities. So, here's an idea that can help ease at least a little of that pressure: Create a mini-resume that you can hand out at networking events, job fairs, or to anyone who might be able to make a connection for you.  More »

Follow-Up Calls: Always? Or Never?

On the Pongo Blog, we generally recommend following up on a resume submission or an interview with a phone call. Our view on this approach is that it underscores your interest in the position and the company, which could help land the job if it's brief and respectful of the employer's time.  More »

College Career Centers You Should Follow on Twitter

If you asked me if my college career center was helpful when I was in school, I'd have to say no. And a lot of college graduates would agree, either because their own colleges' career centers were a joke, or they just didn't care enough to use them. But some career centers care enough about this stigma to go after resources they know their students and alumni use, like Twitter.  More »

Would You Resort to a Gimmick to Land a Job?

People can sometimes resort to extreme gimmicks when they're looking for work. The current recession has pushed some jobless Americans to do something a little over the top in their attempts to land new jobs. But are they signs of desperation or creativity?  More »

Why Antonio Got Hired and Dan Didn't

Unless you're an HGTV geek like I am, you don't know that Antonio and Dan were the finalists on HGTV's Design Star competition last weekend. Antonio won, which means he'll be the host of his own design show next season. And Dan, who was arguably the better designer, got the hook. It was yet another reminder that getting hired is not always a matter of having the best qualifications, especially when the judges (hiring managers) have several great candidates to choose from.  More »

What You Need to Know Before You Sign a Job Offer

Get it in writing! You've probably heard the phrase many times. Whether it's an IOU, a business agreement, or a job offer, documenting something in writing helps ensure that it will protect all parties' interests and hold everyone to a commitment they have made or plan to make. That's why it's important for a job seeker to get the specifics of a job offer in writing before taking the job.  More »

What Would YOU Do for a Paycheck?

Funeral Services: It's a business nobody wants to talk about, but according to an article on Yahoo! News, it's one that's attracting job seekers, thanks to the poor job market conditions.  More »

Want More Money? It May Be the Right Time to Get It

The economy may be emerging from recession, and it could mean bigger paychecks. At least that's what a recent survey revealed. If you're looking for a raise, here are some things you need to know before you start pushing for it.  More »
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