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Stepping Up Your Job Search

What the Heck Is "Networking" and How Do I Do It?

You know how everybody always says networking is the best way to get a job? Well, I have a dirty little secret: For the longest time, I had no idea what networking was. People would say, networking just means relationship-building. OK. But what does that mean, exactly? When I finally grasped the concept, I realized I'd been doing it all along. In fact, the essence of networking is so simple I can summarize it in two words: Being. Friendly.  More »

The Value of Thanks-Giving in Your Job Search

It's a lesson nearly all parents teach their kids but one that's not always sustained throughout life. As we celebrate Thanksgiving this week, the lesson of giving thanks is certainly one to be reinforced to job seekers, especially the growing ranks of the laid off. Here's where saying thank you can make a difference in the job search.  More »

Have Employers Ruined Facebook?

Remember when Facebook used to be fun and lighthearted? A chance to connect with old friends and joke around? Ever since Facebook changed its rules to allow anyone and their 13-year-old brother to sign in, employers can snoop around your profile just to find a reason not to hire you. How's that for fun?  More »

Tips for Veterans Trying to Crack the Job Market

Today is Veterans Day, an often overlooked holiday (since it involves no candy or pumpkins; no turkey or football games). But it's an important holiday, when we stop to remember and honor the men and women who have served in the armed forces, especially the many thousands wounded or killed. Here's some advice for those in uniform who, like any career changers, must show prospective employers how military experience can apply in the civilian world.  More »

What to Do When You Get Laid Off: Tell Everyone

The other day my sister-in-law told me about a mutual friend who's been invited to a meeting with the board of directors at work this Friday, hasn't been told the meeting's agenda, knows there are no new projects in the pipeline, and her industry is in a slump. She's convinced (let's hope wrongly) that she'll be heading home Friday night with a pink slip. Her predicament got me thinking about what I would do if it were me about to be laid off. I decided my first step (after updating my resume, of course) would be to immediately announce the news to all my family and friends...  More »

When Bad HR Happens to Good Job Seekers

Bad HR happens to good job seekers every day. While you have complete control over your end of the hiring process, you have to trust that HR will hold up their end of the bargain, too. Here's an overview of a hiring process gone bad, with many thanks to the HR rep responsible for making this horror story a reality. Can you relate?  More »

Expand Your Job Reach by Going Green or Bilingual

To quote Jerry Lee Lewis, There's a whole lotta shakin' goin' on in the global economy. It's all unnerving, since it might affect your job, your industry, or even your dreams of retiring as the value of your nest egg erodes. But here are two emerging areas you may want to consider in taking charge of your career: the rise of green jobs and foreign-language fluency.  More »

Is Caller ID Sabotaging Your Job Search?

Here's a real-world, this-really-happened lesson for job seekers: If your cell phone or land line is set up to reject calls that don't show up in caller ID, you might be screening yourself right out of an interview. This is exactly what happened when one of PongoResume's hiring directors (we'll call her Mary) tried to call some job candidates earlier this week.  More »

5 Bits of Bad Job Search Advice

We've probably all been recipients of bad advice at one time or another, on everything from what to buy, whom to date, how to conduct a job search, and the best way to write your resume. When it comes to the job search, there's no shortage of bad advice. So, here's a list of five pieces of bad advice, the bad reasoning behind them, and advice on what you should do instead.  More »

Job Ad Says "No Phone Calls, Please"? Call them Anyway

Failing to follow up after submitting a resume is a very common mistake. It's not surprising, given that so many job ads say No Phone Calls, Please. But I've spoken to a lot of hiring authorities in recent years, and they all agree that it's not only OK to follow up after you send your resume, it's critical. Why, then, do employers say No Phone Calls, Please ? Because it's a lot shorter than saying, No Phone Calls From the Tire-Kickers and Arrogant Jerks Who Call and Ask Stupid Questions, Please. But you? You should call.  More »
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