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Home > Blog: Job Seeker Tips > Mini-Resume Can Ease the Strain of Networking

Mini-Resume Can Ease the Strain of Networking

Networking should be a part of every job seeker's strategy. But some may find it uncomfortable to talk about themselves and their abilities. So, here's an idea that can help ease at least a little of that pressure: Create a "mini-resume" that you can hand out at networking events, job fairs, or to anyone who might be able to make a connection for you. Why? Here are two reasons:

  • A mini-resume can do a lot of the talking for you, and may be a conversation starter in itself, and
  • Someone who wants to pass along your contact information to a hiring manager can use the mini-resume as the initial point of contact.

What Exactly is a Mini-Resume?

Basically, the mini-resume is a highly condensed version of your full resume. It can be a business card or a short printout that highlights your top qualifications. It should include:

  • Contact Information. As with any business card or resume, your contact information is prominently featured. Don't forget your email address (make sure it's professional), and if you have a resume web page or an online profile, include the URL. If a hiring manager wants to know more about you, that data is just a click away.
  • Job Title or Desired Job Title. Put it under the contact information, or at the top of the back side. Either way, make it stand out like a newspaper headline.
  • Skills and Professional Achievements. Keep it simple, with maybe five or six of your most notable qualifications, skills, and accomplishments.

Drop in whatever you feel it would take to help get a hiring manager's attention, such as your total years in the field and your strongest competencies. If you're a recent college graduate, something on your education can work. If you have special skills, put them in there as well.

How to Create a Mini-Resume

There are several web sites that offer low-cost, do-it-yourself cards and can send them to you quickly. Three of note:,, and Overnight Prints. If you already have a Pongo account, you can create a one-page mini-resume printout by duplicating and condensing your existing resume, especially if it's a two-pager. If you don't have a Pongo account, you can use Word or a similar program.

If you're looking for a new job in this job market, you need to do whatever you can to stand out. That means looking for anything that can give you an advantage, or at least make you memorable, and a mini-resume may be just the thing to accomplish that.

What do you think of this idea? Let us know in a comment.


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