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Stepping Up Your Job Search

Back-to-School Time

We’re moving into autumn, and a new season in which we leave the lazy, carefree days of summer and get back to reality.  More »

Summertime Job Hunting

It’s summer, a time when many job seekers (or workers planning a job move) ponder whether they should put their searches on hold.  More »

Everyone Counts in Job Search Mode

While in job search mode, everyone you come in contact with has the potential to land you that job. You must perfect your pitch. This is your advertisement and you must make it work.  More »

4 Simple Rules to Make Your Resume Standout

In order to be successful in your job search, people say you need to make your resume stand out from the rest of the people applying to the same position. This is really not as difficult as one might think. The hiring managers at Pongo can tell you many stories about the resumes we've received over the years for a variety of the positions we've posted. From our experience, just by practicing these four simple rules, your resume will easily stand out from your competition:  More »

The Reality of Hiring a Career Professional

You might have looked into hiring a career coach, a resume writer, a career consultant, an interview coach – basically someone who has specific knowledge about the job hunt. The professional you are thinking of hiring is only as good as what you give him/her. You need to be prepared to do a great deal of work to uncover and flesh out your career story.  More »

Enhance Your Marketability by Volunteering

Being active in social media, building your own web site, and attending networking events are all great ways to enhance your personal brand. But there's one weapon many people leave out of their branding arsenal: volunteering! Believe it or not, volunteering can be more than a way to give back; it can help you increase your marketability no matter where you are in your career. Here's how.  More »

What Online Learning Can Do For Your Career

After you've been in a certain industry or position for awhile and you know your job inside and out, it's easy to get comfortable. But with the popularity of online classes spreading like wildfire, you've got no excuses. It's time to go back to school to advance your career, and here's why.  More »

10 Tips for Staying Positive in a Long Job Search

We all know that being mentally strong and emotionally fit is crucial , whether it's for business, sports, or your career. But how do you stay positive during a long, challenging job search? Here are 10 tips that may help.  More »

5 Skills to Help You Succeed in a Sales Job

It's National Salesperson's Day. If you've ever considered a sales job, here are five skills that can help land one. When you think about it, the art of selling is similar to the art of job searching.  More »

Valentine's Poem: Finding The Work You Love

This poem by Sital Ruparelia offers you much-needed encouragement to step out of your comfort zone and keep trying until you find the work you truly love to do.  More »
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