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Reaching Work / Life Balance

How Often Is Too Often to Change Jobs?

In the world of about 40 years ago, when my parents were in their working years, the prevailing notion was that an employer would take care of you for a long time with a secure job and a decent pension. But that's gone the way of the typewriter and carbon paper. Today, it's not uncommon to change jobs -- voluntarily or not -- every few years.  More »

End of Summer Blues? Candy Corn to the Rescue

Cheer up! The first candy corn of the season is out, and we all know there ain't nothin' funnier'n placing two candy corn kernels over your front teeth and flashing a big yellow smile around the office. Alas, if you're one of those who doesn't find that as amusing as I do, perhaps these humorous job-related sayings will help bring a smile (albeit not a big yellow-toothed smile) to your face as you work on your resumes, cover letters, and interview techniques:  More »

POLL: Will You Be Laboring on Labor Day?

Monday, September 7th, is Labor Day. Just out of curiosity, we were wondering how many of our readers actually have to work on Labor Day. Answer our poll and let us know!  More »

Poll: How Long Have You Been Unemployed?

Consumer confidence levels may be soaring and unemployment numbers may be dropping, but none of that matters to you if you're still in the middle of a job search and desperate for a paycheck. Take our poll and see if the duration of your unemployment is longer or shorter than the national average.  More »

Are You Unemployed and Happy or Employed and Miserable?

I hear and read stories about people who feel miserable in their jobs, but can't risk quitting in today's job market. Some who have held onto their jobs are even expressing envy toward those who have been laid off. But would you rather be happily unemployed? Or employed and miserable?  More »

Monday Motivation: Summer's Arrival Spurs Warm Thoughts

Summer is here (almost). It arrives officially this coming Sunday, which, coincidentally, is Father's Day. But whether you're a dad or not, summer's impending arrival leads to thoughts of vacations and long weekends. So, have some happy work-related thoughts for your Monday to help boost your job search.  More »

Monday Motivation: A Recovery in Sight!

When Monday is a holiday, as it was last week, you don't really need motivation (well, maybe to drag yourself out of bed). After last week's holiday hiatus, Monday Motivation is back to help stir your passions at the start of a new week -- and a new month. What better time to give a little boost to your job search!  More »

Wellness Programs: Good Investment or Corporate Waste?

It's probably no secret to you that there's a lot of talk about reforming health insurance in the U.S., especially since President Obama took office. That issue has helped drive the development of corporate-based wellness programs. If you're searching for a new job, a wellness program may be an attractive perk, or a huge turnoff, depending on your perspective. But is it right for employers to try and make a little extra money off your personal health?  More »

Monday Motivation: Less Mope, More Hope

I know there's still plenty to mope about. The stock market is coming off a down week, Chrysler and GM are pulling the plug on hundreds of dealerships, and the number of initial jobless claims shot back up last week. But hey, it's Monday! And to get a brand new week off to a hopeful start, here are three bits of good news to add a bit o' zip to your job search.  More »

Monday Motivation: Confidence Boosters

Job search got you down? Is your resume not getting enough bites? Swine Flu statistics making you queasy? Cheer up ... it's Monday!  More »
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