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Reaching Work / Life Balance

Is the 'Dream Job' Real? Or a Mirage?

Most of us can envision our own version of a dream job, the job that would stoke our passions, motivate us to the fullest, and put a spring in our step when we get out of bed each morning. But is there such a thing?  More »

Have Employers Ruined Facebook?

Remember when Facebook used to be fun and lighthearted? A chance to connect with old friends and joke around? Ever since Facebook changed its rules to allow anyone and their 13-year-old brother to sign in, employers can snoop around your profile just to find a reason not to hire you. How's that for fun?  More »

Retire? More Seniors May Get to Dictate Their Futures

If you're nearing retirement age, or you're beyond it and want to continue working, there may be more incentive to keep picking up a paycheck than just propping up a sagging investment portfolio or paying for the rising cost of health care.  More »

10 Inspiring Quotations for the Discouraged Job Seeker

When you're mired in the frustrations that so often accompany a job search, sometimes it helps to step back and regain perspective from great thinkers throughout history. So I thought this would be an excellent time to rely on the collective brain power of others who have spoken profound words on the subject of job qualifications, job success, job performance, or job loss. I hope you'll find these 10 work-related quotations (from personalities as divergent as Aristotle and Steve Jobs) amusing and motivating.  More »

Think You're Ready to Retire? 6 Things to Consider

There's a question many 50- and 60-somethings may ponder today as the economy teeters on the edge of recession, retirement nest eggs fail to grow amid a down stock market, and health care costs keep rising as they have done just about every year: Should I retire around 65 or work a bit longer? Here are six questions you must ask yourself to determine your answer.  More »

Workers of the World, Pass the Ketchup

Today's post is for anyone who's ever wondered why Labor Day is called Labor Day, instead of Last-Big-Party-of-Summer Day, or School-Just-Started-or-Will-Start-Tomorrow Day. With a hat-tip to, here's a 7-point timeline of great moments in Labor Day history, so you'll know (roughly) how it came to be.  More »

Bringing Boomers and Millennials Together at Work

The oldest members of the Millennial generation (also called Generation Y, or Echo Boomers), now in their 20s, are flexing their muscles and making their mark in the workplace. Meanwhile, the oldest members of the Baby Boomer generation, now in their early 60s, are entering a career twilight fraught with uncertainty. While there may be a gap between these two groups in the workplace, there's a way to bring them together for the good of the company - and for each generation's benefit.  More »

Seven Lessons from a Long-Ago Layoff

Six years ago this month, I was laid off from a job - a great one with a great company - that I had held for six years. Why remember something bad? Because of the good that came out of it in the months that followed. The lesson here: If you're facing - or if you might face - a layoff, you can turn it into something positive that can rejuvenate you and your career.  More »

How to Negotiate Better Work Hours

High gas prices, family responsibilities, nightmare commute. Whatever the reason, many people are longing for more convenient work hours. And most employers will at least try to be flexible in hopes of retaining good, happy workers. Here are some ways you can try to negotiate a schedule change to benefit yourself and the company.  More »

Unemployed? How About a Life with That Job?

An active job hunt no longer takes all-day-every-day. But finding the right balance of job hunting and non-job-hunting pursuits is still elusive. We tend to do too much of certain things, and not enough of others. So how do you find your ideal work-life balance? Here are a couple resources you might try.  More »
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