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Reaching Work / Life Balance

Does Your Job Fit Your Zodiac Sign?

Has your astrological sign ever impacted what career or jobs you've chosen? Or your job search? Maybe it's worth a second look. One group of astronomers says the signs are all wrong, but astrologers disagree. Does your job or career reflect your astrological sign? If so, which one?  More »

Poll: How Long Should Someone Stay at a Job?

Some people change jobs often. And when hiring managers review your resume, they might look at your length of time with current and previous employers for signs of job hopping. But how do you define that term? Vote in our poll and comment on the topic.  More »

Unemployed? 3 Tips for Surviving Holiday Parties

If you've been unemployed -- whether for six days, six months, or even longer -- there's a good chance some stranger will soon catch you off guard with that oft-used icebreaker at a holiday party: What do you do? Here are three ways you can respond without getting bummed out.  More »

What Are You Thankful For in Your Career?

While you're busy making pies, cooking up cranberry sauce, or picking up your pre-cooked bird because you can't cook, take a minute to ponder what you've been thankful for in your career this year.  More »

A Pilgrim's Job Search: Not So Different from Today

As you watch this video, you'll probably find the colonial job seeker's struggles eerily familiar. In 1625, blacksmith William Palmer, a victim of the economic troubles in his native England, had lost his business. Like many of his modern counterparts, he made a difficult decision to relocate for better job prospects.  More »

Do Employers Put Too Much Emphasis on a College Degree?

Does everyone need a college education? More to the point, if a job posting calls for a bachelor's degree, and you meet all the other requirements, should it matter that you don't have a degree? Jump in to comment on this topic.  More »

Was There a Teacher Who Influenced Your Career?

A TV sitcom actor from the 1980s becomes a high school teacher. And the lesson he imparts is that being a teacher is not an easy job, but it can be rewarding. In honor of World Teachers' Day, tell us what teachers have inspired you in your chosen careers.  More »

What's Most Important in Accepting a Job Offer?

Ever get the feeling that you and the people who run businesses are on different planets? If you do, you're not alone, at least when it comes to what a job seeker is looking for in an employer. A recent study found differences of opinion between employers and employees on the reasons people want to work for a company. What's most important to you when you decide you want to work for a particular company?  More »

Labor Day: It's Got Something to Do with Work, Right?

For many, Labor Day is not so much a pause to celebrate labor as much as it is the unofficial end of summer, the time when most families take vacations from work and the kids stay home from school. But in thinking about this holiday, here's a question for you to ponder: What do you like about your job, the work you do, your co-workers, or your chosen profession?  More »

Talk Careers with Your Kids When They're Kids

Watching my daughter graduate from Penn State this year was a proud moment. It took me back to the time I graduated, and how I had had my pick of several job offers. But for my daughter and millions of other new grads, the scenario has changed. That's why it's important that parents talk about careers with their kids when they're kids.  More »
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