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Poll: How Long Should Someone Stay at a Job?

When hiring managers review your resume, some will look at your length of time with current and previous employers for signs of "job hopping," which could send a message that you lack career focus, get bored easily, or have a low tolerance for frustration.

An applicant who’s held five jobs in the last five years, for instance, may be sending the reddest of red flags. But an applicant who's spent one year each at two jobs and three years at another might raise only mild concern.

Indeed, job tenures are shorter than they were in, say, the 1960s and 1970s, a combination of less employer loyalty, more ambitious employees, and workers who are more apt to quit than put up with what they believe are frustrating jobs.

But how short is too short when it comes to job tenure? I had asked this question in a post earlier this year, but thought it would make a good poll question this time. So, what do you think is an acceptable length of time to stay in a job before moving on to something else? Vote in the poll below, and I welcome you to comment on this topic.



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