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Monday Motivation: Confidence Boosters

Job search got you down? Is your resume not getting enough bites? Swine Flu statistics making you queasy? Cheer up … It's Monday!

Consumers Coming Back? When Americans feel confident about their finances, they buy things. This simple fact drives the economic engine, which ultimately leads to an increase in jobs. So, it's encouraging that The Conference Board's widely watched Consumer Confidence Index took a big jump in April to its highest reading of 2009. The data, which comes from a monthly survey of 5,000 U.S. households, suggest "consumers believe the economy is nearing a bottom," says Lynn Franco of The Conference Board. And once you hit bottom, there's nowhere to go but up!

Networking Angelically. When you're looking for work, helping someone in a similar situation can give you a warm, fuzzy feeling (and maybe inspire that person to return the favor). JobAngels is an online community where each person commits to a single goal: to help just one other person find gainful employment. JobAngels' web site is not complete, but until it is, you can join its social media groups on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Hope for College Class of '09. If you're about to graduate from college, landing a job may not be as hard as the recession has led you to believe. actually sees an 11.4% increase in entry-level hiring this year over 2007. If you're looking for potential targets for your resume, check out their newest list of top employers for entry-level candidates.

Feeling better? Keep your head high and stay in the game.


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