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Strategies For Coping At Work

Learn From Your Bad Performance Review

Receiving a negative performance review can be demoralizing or even traumatic. If you think of yourself as a professional who wants to do the best job possible, you shouldn’t let a negative evaluation destroy your career.  More »

Considered Working as a Marketing & PR Coordinator?

This is a true career story as told to This interview will take you through the ups and downs you can expect as a Marketing & Public Relations Coordinator, what it takes to land the job, what you can expect to earn, and more.  More »

4 Earth-Friendly Contributions You Can Make at Work

When I'm at home, I take much more care about turning off lights, recycling, consuming less water, etc., than when I'm at work. But my attitude is changing! I came to the conclusion that since I ask my kids to recycle when they're at school, I better be fulfilling my end of the bargain at work. Here are some ways you can bring some green habits to work with you, too.  More »

Workplace Eye Safety: Practice Safe Sight on the Job

In honor of Workplace Eye Wellness Month, here are some practical safety tips to help protect your eyes on the job.  More »

How Much Do You Socialize at Work?

Most of us place some sort of value on interacting with our coworkers about stuff that has nothing to do with work. Sure, there are employers who try to discourage all socializing during the workday. So, we'd like to find out: How often you and your colleague socialize at work? Please vote in our poll and add a comment.  More »

The Workplace is No Place for a Generational Divide

A controversial blog post claims that any 20-something member of Generation Y can do a job better than anyone who's older. Here's why the post is wrong, and guilty of widening a generational divide in the workplace.  More »

How to Quit Your Job: A Pongo Rerun

Do you hate your job and just want to quit? Did you find a new job and need to quit? Once you decide you've had enough, you need to develop an exit strategy to ensure a graceful departure from your current job. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to quit your job.  More »

3 Steps to Maintaining Your Motivation Before Vacation

Oh, that wonderful V word! It seems like everyone's taking a week off here or there to get a breather from the last six months of hard work. Are you doing the same? If you are, you're likely to butt up against a lack of motivation as your vacation approaches. So if you usually find yourself struggling to make it to your last day before vacation, here are some tips to make sure your work doesn't struggle with you.  More »

If Job Seekers Can Be Flexible, Why Can't Employers?

If workers need to be flexible in their jobs and when they get laid off and look for new jobs, why can't employers show similar flexibility when they need to fill a position or hang onto someone who might look for something better after, say, a year?  More »

What To Do When Your Boss Messes with Your Workload

Here's a scenario: Your boss emails you about a project she wants to hand over to you, one that had always been her responsibility. Adding insult to injury, it's not even part of your regular job. The problem here? You're swamped with your regular projects and can't see how you'll be able to fit this new one into your schedule. By outlining your priorities, you can determine if you can handle this new project, or if you have to push back and ask your boss to come up with another solution. Here's how.  More »

New Grads: Survival Tips for Day 1 of Your First Job

The positive feeling you get when you accept a job offer falls somewhere between relief and euphoria. If you're a new college graduate and still looking for that first full-time job, you may experience both. But you'll also have to adjust to a different lifestyle, starting on Day 1 at the new job. Here are five survival tips for that first day.  More »

OMG Cute! Watch Our 'Kids to Work Day' Video

Pongo Resume has always been a family-friendly workplace, but we took it to a new level when we celebrated Take Your Kids to Work Day on April 22 with a series of activities for the younger set. And now, we'd like to share this most-adorable video clip of the occasion.  More »

6 Things You Should Never Say at Work

We may all have these thoughts at times, but some things are better left in your head and out of the lines of conversation. Here are six statements to avoid saying at work if you like your job and want to keep it, including the ever-popular " I'm bored."  More »

Take Your Kids to Work Day? Always a Risky Business

This year, Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day falls on Thursday, April 22. If your workplace is planning something for the day, you're probably filled with equal parts excitement and fear.  More »

5 April Fool's Pranks You Can Safely Pull at Work

The 5 classic pranks in this post are easy, fun, and (probably) won't compromise your job security. In honor of April Fool's Day, leave a comment to tell us about your own favorite pranks!  More »

An Opportunity to Laugh at Ridiculous Career Questions

Every now and then, I visit the Careers & Employment section of Yahoo! Answers to see what people are buzzing about. I've noticed that most questions are expected, like wanting to know what to ask in a job interview or how to address a year of unemployment on your resume. But my most recent search turned a little wacky and funny once I got to the third page of popular questions. What did I find? You'll have to read to find out!  More »

What Motivates You to Do Your Best at Work?

Some adults find it difficult to place their feet on the floor after the alarm clock goes off in the morning. Others can't wait to spring into action. And others wake up without emotion, knowing it will be just another day at the office. What one thing motivates you to do your best at work?  More »

Are Credit Checks on Job Seekers Really Necessary?

Finding a job is tough enough today. Unfortunately, some employers make it even tougher by asking to look at your credit history. But in most cases, they're not necessary and can make life even more difficult for financially strapped, unemployed job seekers who need to find work.  More »

Is Your Workplace Keeping You From Getting Work Done?

So there's this brilliant video over at of an interview with web entrepreneur Jason Fried about Why You Can't Work at Work. I say it's brilliant because he shines light on workplace issues that no one ever really talks about. Watch the video and tell me what you think about his concepts. But if you can't watch the video, here are his key points.  More »

Coworkers Can Make or Break Your Job Satisfaction

A few weeks ago, I attended a get-together with some old colleagues from my college newspaper. Being together again brought back memories of a time when we all worked together toward a common goal. What helped us toward that goal was the camaraderie among the staff. It got me to thinking about the importance of relationships at work.  More »

You May Love Work, But Does Work Love You Back?

Yesterday was Valentine's Day, the annual celebration of love between couples, and the love of skyrocketing revenue for chocolatiers, florists, jewelers, and restaurants. OK, reality and cynicism aside, it would also be nice if employers used Valentine's Day as an opportunity to express their appreciation for their employees.  More »

How Do We Accommodate Autism in the Workplace?

The HBO movie about Temple Grandin, which premiered last week, was pretty realistic in showing how autism can make a person seem very unpleasant in the workplace. But it also showed how autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) can be extremely valuable assets in the right work setting. With as many as one in 100 children currently diagnosed with ASDs, we'd better come up with some innovative ideas for more autism-friendly work options, pronto.  More »

Why Most Workers Can't Get No Job Satisfaction

If you're working, are you happy with what you're doing and where you're doing it? If you are, you're in the minority, according to the The Conference Board, whose recent research found that only 45% of employed Americans are satisfied with their jobs. Which means 55% are not. Why? Blame it on a changing workforce and decreased loyalty between employers and workers.  More »

5 Things Job Seekers and Employers Should Do This Year

Many writers like to make predictions around this time of year. I contemplated writing a list of job market predictions for 2010, but came to realize that a list of five things employers and job seekers should do would be a more nourishing helping of food for thought.  More »

Treat Your Coworkers Like Dogs (Really!)

Got a coworker who gets under your skin and drives you crazy? Is the coworker weird, awkward, and just plain uncomfortable to be around? You can complain to your friends all you want, but it won't make things better. If the person is too thick-headed to take subtle hints, try the Cesar Millan method!  More »

Dirty-Sounding Jobs Quiz: Guess the Industries

You won't see too many job ads for Bosom Pressers or Blind Hookers, but those are real job titles. And despite the smutty images your mind may have conjured up, those and the rest of the dirty-sounding jobs listed in this post are legitimate occupations pulled directly from the U.S. Department of Labor's Dictionary of Occupational Titles (1991 Edition). Just for fun, take our quiz, and see if you can guess which industry they're from!  More »

Prepare Properly for Your Performance Review

Most of us are familiar with the performance review, a typically annual process in which you get together with your boss to review your accomplishments and shortcomings from the past year, and set goals for the coming year. To prepare properly for that evaluation, here are seven questions you should ask yourself.  More »

What's Your Favorite Work-Related Joke?

A recent Pongo Poll revealed that 76% of you consider it more stressful to think about writing your resume and cover letter than writing your will or doing your taxes. To ease a bit of that stress, I think a little comic relief might be in order. Here's the deal: I'll tell you my favorite work-related joke if you'll tell me yours!  More »

Did School Teach You the Skills to Get the Job Done?

We spend many years in school with the belief that a good education will prepare us for the many more years we'll spend at work. But, what you learn in the classroom can take you only so far. It's the work experience that's most critical in helping you get where you want to go in your career.  More »

How to Quit Your Job

Do you hate your job and just want to quit? Did you find a new job and need to quit? Once you decide you've had enough, you need to develop an exit strategy to ensure a graceful departure from your current job. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to quit your job.  More »

Brag Your Way to a New Job or Pay Raise

It's a jungle out there in the working world. Employers aren't as loyal to their workers as they were a few decades ago. And many, if not most, employees are more likely to just jump ship and look for new jobs if they don't feel they're getting what they want out of their current ones. That's why it's important to keep a brag sheet that can summarize your accomplishments.  More »

What Does Vacation Time Mean to You?

At the height of vacation season, we're curious to see if your vacations are surviving or suffering this year. What do you spend your vacation time doing? How important is it to you? Do you use it to take real destination vacations, spend time with the kids, or do you not use it at all?  More »

Wanna Tell Off Your Boss? Do It Here!

Admit it: You've had a boss or two who was so overbearing, obnoxious, or unreasonable (maybe all three) that you wanted to tell him or her how you really felt about their comments or behavior. Here's your chance to tell a boss (or ex-boss) what he or she deserves!  More »

Are You Unemployed and Happy or Employed and Miserable?

I hear and read stories about people who feel miserable in their jobs, but can't risk quitting in today's job market. Some who have held onto their jobs are even expressing envy toward those who have been laid off. But would you rather be happily unemployed? Or employed and miserable?  More »

5 Reasons to Share Your Resume with Your New Manager

If you work in a large corporation, chances are you'll go through managers like you go through socks. When you get a new manager, your old manager tells the new manager all about you, whether the information is accurate or not. How do you make sure your new manager is getting the true picture? Schedule a short meeting to review your resume and show him or her exactly what you can do.  More »

5 Factors That Can Hurt Your Performance Reviews

I was impressed by the points Scot Herrick made in a recent post on his blog, Cube Rules. He draws attention to some seemingly mundane tasks that might have more weight in how others perceive your job performance than you think. Did you ever imagine that the way you structure your emails to colleagues could take a toll on how management views your performance at review time?  More »

Poll: Why To-Do Lists Will Save Your Job

Alright, I admit that title's an overstatement. You'd probably have to do a lot more to lose your job than not keep a to-do list. But in an environment with ongoing projects and constantly shifting priorities, it's tough to keep track of what really needs to get done and what can wait if you keep it all in your head. Take our poll and tell us what kind of to-do list you like to keep.  More »

Wellness Programs: Good Investment or Corporate Waste?

It's probably no secret to you that there's a lot of talk about reforming health insurance in the U.S., especially since President Obama took office. That issue has helped drive the development of corporate-based wellness programs. If you're searching for a new job, a wellness program may be an attractive perk, or a huge turnoff, depending on your perspective. But is it right for employers to try and make a little extra money off your personal health?  More »

Survival Tips for Moms Returning to Work

Stay-at-home-moms (SAHMs) and work-at-home-moms (WAHMs) have a lot of obstacles to overcome when they want to (or have to) transition back into the workplace. As a former WAHM for 10 years, I've lived with those powerful fears that seem insurmountable and keep us from going back to the office, hospital, school, factory, restaurant, or shipping dock. No matter how much you want or need to make the transition, it requires a major cognitive switcheroo… and that's never easy.  More »

Tips for Training a Newbie Who's Slow to Catch On

There are quick learners, average learners, and those that just don't seem to get it. So what can you do if you're a quick learner stuck training a new hire who seems to take forever to catch on? Follow these tips.  More »

What to Do When a Layoff Is Lurking

You have a job but you're worried about a possible layoff. Here are 10 things you can do to take better control of your career security and employability while you're still employed.  More »

Will Your Sick Day Excuse Pass the BS Detector?

Employees have been faking sicknesses since before you or I were born. As a result, supervisors (like parents and teachers) have become skilled at recognizing when employees are legitimately ill, or just sick of work. This 5-point questionnaire can help determine whether a sick day excuse is legitimate or BS.  More »

Office Pet Peeves: Puh-leeeeze Stop Doing That!

We spend 40 hours a week together (give or take). You get to know people over time, and the more time you spend with them, the more you pick up on their habits. And some habits can drive you bonkers. Here's a list of pet peeves straight from the mouths of our own coworkers.  More »

When Bosses Make Hotheaded Decisions

Many of us have felt the wrath of a boss's hotheaded decision. Here are some cases where the boss shouldn't have taken it personally but did, and how you can handle it if you face a similar situation.  More »

Bringing Boomers and Millennials Together at Work

The oldest members of the Millennial generation (also called Generation Y, or Echo Boomers), now in their 20s, are flexing their muscles and making their mark in the workplace. Meanwhile, the oldest members of the Baby Boomer generation, now in their early 60s, are entering a career twilight fraught with uncertainty. While there may be a gap between these two groups in the workplace, there's a way to bring them together for the good of the company - and for each generation's benefit.  More »

How to Negotiate Better Work Hours

High gas prices, family responsibilities, nightmare commute. Whatever the reason, many people are longing for more convenient work hours. And most employers will at least try to be flexible in hopes of retaining good, happy workers. Here are some ways you can try to negotiate a schedule change to benefit yourself and the company.  More »

Should Employers Play `Big Brother' with Your Health?

Picture this: On one side of the table, you have a well qualified, personable, impeccably dressed and thoroughly prepared candidate who has come in for an interview. The only apparent flaws? He's quite overweight and, tucked inside the pocket of his shirt is a pack of cigarettes. If you're the hiring manager at a company that expects a high level of productivity from everyone, do you see this guy as a risk? The bigger question: Should employers play Big Brother with your health?  More »

Can Boredom Inspire a Job Search?

It's not every day when boredom can spur a human being into action. But not having enough work -- to the point that you're chronically bored and unchallenged -- is as good a reason to start a job search as being stressed out and overworked is.  More »

The Pursuit of Workplace Happiness

What makes for a happy workplace? There's no clear answer, but the happier you are, the more likely you won't be looking for another job.  More »
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