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It's a competitive work world out there
NAME Denise K.
OCCUPATION Medical Research
Pongo’s interview with Denise K.
What industry do you work in?
Medical Research.
How long have you worked in this industry?
13 years.
What parts of your job search do/did you find most challenging?
Since it had been so long since I had looked for a job, creating an attractive resume and cover letter was not the easiest thing to do. The templates offered by Pongo actually gave me the key words needed to make my resume and cover letter attractive to the reviewer.
How did you find out about
I Googled "resume samples" and after looking through the sites, I decided Pongo was offering just what I need.
How did Pongo specifically help you in your job search?
Pongo helped me by actually providing samples of both resumes and cover letters, along with the keywords and adjectives that made both attractive to the reviewer.
If you looked at similar web sites, what was it about Pongo that made you realize it was the best solution?
The similar sites would tell you where to put the different parts of the resume/cover letter but didn't offer the actual wording to use. Pongo not only had these parts written out for me, but adjectives were suggested to help describe my qualifications in a way that wouldn't have come easy to me.
Are there any tips or advice you'd like to share with users who are just discovering Pongo's tools and resources?
Pongo is one of the best tools I've used to make a difficult process so easy, especially for folks like myself who have been at the same job for a long time. It's a competitive work world out there, as we know, and with Pongo's help, I created an extremely professional-looking resume/cover letter. I truly believe that using Pongo helped me to land my new job. I have told everyone about this tool and how it made things so easy for me. Thanks again, Pongo, for your help!
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