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It was challenging to find jobs I was qualified for
NAME Jessica C.
OCCUPATION Massage Therapy
Pongo’s interview with Jessica C.
What industry do you work in?
Health and Wellness, specifically Massage and Bodywork.
How long have you worked in this industry?
6 months.
What parts of your job search do/did you find most challenging?
The most challenging aspect of my job search was getting my resume organized and detailed, along with finding jobs that I was qualified for.
How did you find out about
I searched the web under the keywords "resume help."
How did Pongo specifically help you in your job search?
Pongo helped me in my job search by instructing me on how to organize and show my skills in an orderly and professional layout, plus the templates were cute!
If you looked at similar web sites, what was it about Pongo that made you realize it was the best solution?
I looked at other resume help sites and Pongo was the best because it was simple, straightforward, and professional looking, and everything was laid out, so all I had to do was type in my skills and experience.
Are there any tips or advice you'd like to share with users who are just discovering Pongo's tools and resources?
I would advise job seekers to try out different templates and layouts. It is a neat feature that Pongo offers, is super easy and will make you stand out among applicants!
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