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The Cover Letter and Resume Builders were keys to my success
NAME Alissa N.
OCCUPATION Accounts Administrator
Pongo’s interview with Alissa N.
What industry do you work in?
Technology distribution and manufacturing.
How long have you worked in this industry?
3 months now, thanks to Pongo!
What parts of your job search do/did you find most challenging?
I am a receptionist/accounts administrator for a technology company. The most challenging part of this job is that I crunch the dates and numbers for sales made to companies like Google, for products they build. One number wrong, and a whole deadline is missed.
How did you find out about
A friend recommended it to me after I expressed my frustration for having writer's block with my resume.
How did Pongo specifically help you in your job search?
Both the Cover Letter Builder and the actual Resume Builder were keys to my success. Pongo also recommended that I follow up with the companies I applied to, which ultimately got me the job.
If you looked at similar web sites, what was it about Pongo that made you realize it was the best solution?
I didn't explore any other options since it was recommended to me. Then when I dove in, I saw how easy it was to use, so I kept going!
Are there any tips or advice you'd like to share with users who are just discovering Pongo's tools and resources?
To take your time, read all the tips, hints, and suggestions on the site, and you'll get the job!
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