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Job Searching is Not Fair, Dammit!

As I was dropping my niece off at the Boston airport yesterday, my son announced that he wants to be a baggage handler (or as he put it, “the guy who puts the suitcases under the plane.”) That would have to be his side job, however, since his real dream is to work in a laboratory like Bill Nye the Science Guy, doing important science things like mixing vinegar and baking soda to make volcanic eruptions.

Funny how we always ask kids what they want to be when they “grow up,” but we never explain the realities of how hard it can be to get that dream job (whatever it turns out to be) when they eventually do grow up. But as you know, it can be really, really hard. And really unfair.

In fact, here are 10 examples of job search unfairness:

  1. It’s not fair that there aren’t enough jobs for everyone who wants one.
  2. It’s not fair that younger candidates are often chosen over older, more experienced candidates.
  3. It’s not fair that so many jobs require a college degree for no apparent reason.
  4. It’s not fair that you can put your heart and soul into a job interview then never hear another word from the employer.
  5. It’s not fair that you can have an amazing track record in your profession and still not get hired.
  6. It’s not fair that it’s easier to land a new job when you’ve already got a job.
  7. It’s not fair that your resume can get lost among the hundreds of others, most of which aren’t even qualified.
  8. It’s not fair that confidence helps you ace interviews, but being unemployed erodes your confidence.
  9. It’s not fair that school teaches us how to write a haiku but not a great resume or cover letter.
  10. It’s not fair that networking is so important, yet it’s awkward and uncomfortable for most of us.

Sorry to be a downer today. Maybe it’s the snow and cold here in frigid New England. My colleague Rick just announced that the temperature has risen to a balmy 8 degrees. Boo! I promise to cheer up as soon as I warm up.

Meanwhile, if you want to jump on the negativity bandwagon and add more reasons why job search isn’t fair, please leave us a comment below!

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