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Home > Blog: Job Seeker Tips > 3 Reasons to Keep Job Searching Through the Holidays

3 Reasons to Keep Job Searching Through the Holidays

True or false: It makes no sense to look for a job during the holidays because every company slows down or stops hiring until the new year.

FALSE! It's really one of the best times of the year to look for a job.

Take it from personal experience: During one of my own job searches, I inquired about a position right after Thanksgiving. I was interviewed two weeks later and hired the week before Christmas. It can happen!

Here are three reasons why you shouldn't put your job search on hold over the holidays:

  1. Budgets Reset on January 1. A company that plans to expand its payroll budget in the first quarter of 2010 will be looking for qualified candidates today. So, don't sweat the holiday shopping! Sending your resume and cover letter is more important!
  2. Most Job Seekers Take a Break for the Holidays. Most job seekers slow down their job searches until January. If a company needs to fill a position as soon as possible and they're getting fewer resumes, you'll stand a better chance of getting noticed and getting an interview.
  3. Decision Makers May Be Easier to Reach. It's not uncommon for workers to put in extra face time in the office to finish up projects that are due by the end of the year. Some may even forgo business travel and stay in the office.

    Even if there aren't any vacancies, you might be able to land an informational interview and find out about opportunities that may come up in 2010. If the hiring manager is in a "holiday mood" and not too focused on getting the work done, you might leave a memorable impression so that when they do have a suitable opening, you'll be top of mind.

Also, if you're a college senior and looking into a full-time job after graduation, the holidays may especially be a good time to get on some hiring managers' radar screens. Making a memorable impression in December can lead to an offer before May.

Have you found success at landing a job interview or even a job  during the holidays? Tell us about it.


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