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Finding the Right Fit: Would You Last in This Job?

Some people work to live, and others live to work. What does that mean? If you work so you can afford the things you want to have or do in life, then you work to live. If you're addicted to your Blackberry, check in on your days off, and arrive early and leave late every day, then you live to work.

Good cultural fit is one of the deciding factors that hiring managers and potential employees use to figure out whether the working relationship will succeed in the long run. Take this real, active job posting, for example. Any idea who wouldn't fit in with this extreme work environment?

The company is looking for a new addition to its small, close-knit team....A great personality and a very sharp mind are a must: basically Company X is looking for a flip-flop wearing bohemian with a rocket scientist mind and professional approach to their work....Everyone at Company X is intensely passionate about design, the outdoors and adventure. If you want to hide in a cubicle or need to leave work behind at 5pm, you probably won't like it here. Company X's office is an open and lively place, with funky music, custom furniture and lots of colors and gear strewn everywhere. We're about 1 hour from surfing, 5 minutes from great mountain biking, 1.5 hours from the White Mountains, an hour from skiing and 45 minutes from Boston. There's rock climbing in every direction and some of the best ice climbing in North America a couple hours north. The right person will love this job! Bring your rock shoes, skateboard and sketch book.

Your cultural fit also depends on how well you can relate to your coworkers. If you care more about high fashion and fancy cocktails, then you probably won't mix well with a group of rugged mountain climbers like the ones described above.

But while this job ad sounds like all fun and frills, I have a problem with it. They say "If you want to hide in a cubicle or need to leave work behind at 5pm, you probably won't like it here," which makes me wonder just how much fun there is to be had, and how much of your work you'll be taking home with you each night. And what if you have a family? Is this ideal for the live-to-work personality? Will you be able to have a life outside the office, with friends who aren't necessarily coworkers?

What do you think of that Company X job posting? Does it sound like a fun or preachy kind of place?

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