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Resumes: Building A Great Resume

Taking a Different Approach with Your Cover Letter

Are you concerned that your cover letters aren’t grabbing the attention of hiring managers? Do you agonize over what to say in a cover letter that will capture the interest of the recipient? If so, then you might want to think about taking a new and different approach with your cover letters.  More »

Cover Letter Basics: 5 Steps to a Top-Notch Letter

If you're interested in a job that you've seen posted online or advertised in a newspaper, you can be sure many others have seen it as well. This means that the employer may have to sort through dozens of resumes, each of which will probably get only a brief scan, as the employer looks for a few candidates to interview.  More »

Your Cover Letter: The Gateway to Your Resume

People often ask why a cover letter is even necessary. After all, they reason, the resume is the chief marketing tool that leads to an interview. But in some ways, the cover letter may be even more important than the resume.  More »

Good vs. Bad: Make the Best of Your Cover Letter

A focused, well-written resume is essential to a successful job search. But a strong cover letter can make an even bigger difference in whether you get called in to interview for a job. Like the resume, the cover letter serves as a sales tool for your skills and experience, and the value you can bring to an employer.  More »

The Art of the Follow-Up Letter

Your resume and cover letter earned you the interview. The interview is done, and you came away convinced you're a strong candidate for the job. Like it or not, there’s another step. You need to close the loop by sending a thank-you letter or email to each person who interviewed you.  More »
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