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The interview process is challenging; I get nervous and my interviewer can tell
NAME Julie B.
OCCUPATION Registered Nurse
Pongo’s interview with Julie B.
What industry do you work in?
How long have you worked in this industry?
I have been in the industry for a total of seven years, having worked as a nurse tech for three years prior to becoming a nurse.
What parts of your job search do/did you find most challenging?
I find the most challenging part of the job search to be the interview process, because I get nervous and I think my interviewer can tell!
How did you find out about
I found out about through my ex-boyfriend, who was in the military and had experience helping soldiers transition from military to civilian. He was retiring from the Army and looking for jobs around the country, so we used Pongo together.
How did Pongo specifically help you in your job search?
I didn't end up moving or changing jobs at the time, but three years later when I was ready to change jobs, I used Pongo to build upon my previous resume and to help me with the cover letter.
If you looked at similar web sites, what was it about Pongo that made you realize it was the best solution?
I have not looked at other resume builder websites, so I can't compare.
Are there any tips or advice you'd like to share with users who are just discovering Pongo's tools and resources?
One tip I have for users who are new to Pongo is to use all the tools and resources to the utmost. Before using Pongo, I had a messy resume that didn't flow well; with Pongo, I created a resume worthy of praise. During my interview for my current job, my employer told me I had the only resume she had ever seen that showed her how much I care about my patients. The interview was mainly just a formality so she could see if my true personality matched the one she saw in the resume.

If I had not followed Pongo's advice, my employer may have overlooked my resume altogether! I will recommend the service to my friends who are looking for a new job. Next time I plan to move or change jobs, I will go back to Pongo and update my resume.
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