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The Pongo Team

At Pongo, we believe that in order to be great at what you do, you should be happy doing it. We have an outstanding team that loves to work together to make it easier for our customers to find jobs that they, too love.

With our team, the odds are definitely in your favor that you’ll find that dream job you’ve been waiting for!

Rodney Capron

As one of Pongo’s founders, Rodney is the head visionary for Pongo. He is personally involved in every aspect of the business from development to Customer Care and is always there to encourage and mentor both job seekers and our Team in their personal and professional growth. His passion for technology prompts him to always be on the lookout for new ways to improve our web site and tools.

A motorcycle aficionado (Ducati is his preference), Rodney is most relaxed when he appears as a blur of red (the bike) deftly circumnavigating the twists and turns of the back roads of New England. He also enjoys working out, traveling and watching/attending motorcycle races.

Lynn Capron

As the voice of Pongo, Lynn manages all internal and external communications. She writes and edits web site, email, and e-newsletter copy to ensure Pongo's voice and vision are consistently portrayed.

When Lynn is not writing and editing carefully crafted prose, she's on a mission to create the ultimate gourmet cookie recipe. She enjoys designing and decorating cakes and cookies with rolled fondant, working out, live music and cooking.

Nancy Compton

An HR veteran, Nancy keeps the Pongo Team healthy and happy by researching and securing great benefits for us. She is also responsible for the financial/accounting end of the business and works with our Affiliates and Partners.

When she’s not up to her ears in QuickBooks, Nancy can be found volunteering at one of her numerous charity interests, traveling with her family, and cooking.

James Kocik

James is the stellar graphic artist who designs the look and feel for Pongo’s web site. He’s always researching current trends to ensure that our site and tools are easy for our customers to use and navigate (and of course, look great). He works hand-in-hand with our developers to keep the site evolving consistently.

James is currently working to restore his 1850’s home and loves all-you-can-eat sushi restaurants (hmm…a future eating challenge?).

Doug Book

Doug fills some pretty big shoes – he makes sure that our web site is up and running at all times so our customers always have access to their documents. In addition to his technical side, he and James work closely to keep the “front end” of the Pongo site looking fresh and up to date.

When he’s not immersed in code and graphics, Doug likes to travel with his family, hiking in Maine, and is an avid bird watcher. And, around 3:00 every day, as the smell of popcorn wafts through the air, you can find Doug getting his daily fix (his personal goal is to never go a day without popcorn)!

Tom Mach

A certified ColdFusion developer, in addition to working on the Pongo web site, Tom manages an awesome team of 9 web developers. These behind-the-scenes technical gurus are always working to improve Pongo’s tools and overall site performance so our customers have the best job search resources at their fingertips, anywhere, anytime.

When Tom isn’t brainstorming with his team or testing code, he’s a passionate golfer who loves to be out on the green improving his handicap. He has also perfected the art of sushi making and is a formidable Itamae.

Robert Knoerk

Rob works very closely with Tom and the team to lay the foundation for our development methodologies and to architect the backbone of our tools. We are always looking for new ways to enrich the user experience and Rob is instrumental in researching and recommending solutions for Pongo.

Robert loves to be outdoors – especially in the water. He is a competitive rower and can be found cutting seamlessly through the water on rivers, lakes and seas.

Dallas Mall

Dallas’ focus is always on the customer. He keeps up with job search best practices and helps job seekers with technical support, resume critiques and whatever they might need. Dallas enjoys learning from the people he encounters daily to keep Pongo heading in an innovative direction and improving the level of Customer Care.

In his off time (when he’s not debating with Brett over the next food challenge), Dallas is a professional wiffle ball champion and plays competitive football. He also loves spending time with his family and vacationing in the summer.

Brett Berberian

If you’ve called Pongo, there’s a good chance that you’ve spoken with Brett. He is a Certified Professional Resume Writer who loves to spend his time helping Pongo customers with their resumes and job searches. He’s also happy to debate over the latest sports teams with anyone who’s game (especially Dallas).

An avid golfer and self-professed fantasy football fanatic, Brett enjoys spending time relaxing with friends and family.

Brian Lam (aka BLAM!)

Brian researches, analyzes and helps to improve the customer experience at Pongo. If you need data – he’s your man! Brian works closely with everyone on the Pongo Team. He’s always on a mission to find ways for us to better understand our customers so that in turn, we can be better.

When he’s not crunching numbers or analyzing something, BLAM! Enjoys all types of music, movies and competitive eating challenges (tacos are his specialty).

Paul Morana

Paul is in charge of Pongo’s paid online marketing and advertising initiatives, as well as our email programs. He ensures that job seekers everywhere are able to find us easily on the web and that our customers receive timely, helpful information to help with their job searches. Paul is very creative (our resident idea-man) and is always quick to put a spin on things to keep life interesting around the office.

A lover of the outdoors, Paul can be found hiking, biking and (recently) motorcycling in his spare time.

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