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A Cheat Sheet for Completing Part-Time Job Applications

You'll be graduating from college this month and beginning the hunt for your first full-time professional job. Guess what? You'll need some money in the meantime. 

That's a perfect reason to get a part-time job. And we all know that part-time job searching involves the tedious task of filling out job application, after job application, after job application.

Is your hand cramping just from reading that? Ouch.

Here's some helpful info to make your search a little easier...

Do part-time job openings require a resume, or just an application?

A. It depends on the company. When I was 21 and in college, I walked into a fitness center to apply for their part-time front desk position and was shocked when the owner asked for my resume. In this case, they only wanted a resume. But there are hundreds of companies—even ones that operate mostly on part-time help—that do make you submit your resume along with the form-style application.

Q. So you're saying I need to bring copies of my resume with me when I apply for a part-time job?

A. Yes! It would be a very, very good idea to have your resume on hand. Not only will it help you avoid the "Crap, I don't have one" scenario I experienced, but having a resume is necessary for when you're looking for that full-time opportunity. 

Q. Okay, what's this cheat sheet you're talking about?

A. If you really want to impress employers, don't take their part-time job application home. Sit down in the office/store/restaurant and start filling it out. A cheat sheet ensures you'll have all the necessary information available to fill out an application at a moment's notice. (Your resume is a helpful reference for some of the information on a job application, but applications usually include details that don't belong on a resume, such as former supervisors' names and the reason you left the job.) Instead of fumbling to recall those details, you can just copy your cheat sheet and submit the application without leaving the premises.

Q. So tell me how to make one already.

A. Okay, but I have to warn you—this is really complicated. Are you ready? Sure? Here goes:

Fill in and print this
sample employment application.

That's it! Your cheat sheet is an actual employment application (this one's a PDF you can complete online and print, or print first and fill out by hand). I'd advise you to practice filling it in by hand since you'll have to cram a lot of information into small text boxes. Nothing is worse than chicken scratch handwriting that the employer can't decipher. You can then bring this cheat sheet with you to copy from when you fill in the real applications. Note: You can also ask the employer if you need to complete the application, or if your neatly-done resume will be enough.

This simple tool will not only make your job search a bit easier, it will show the employer you're someone who plans ahead to avoid problems.

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