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Applying an Inherent Talent to a Passion

We tend to think we’re capable of doing only one thing and that’s all we should ever do. We take a skill or talent we’ve developed and honed, either naturally or through education, training and work experience, then we apply it to the most practical profession and stick with that type of job. Or, we may “inherit” a profession or business because previous generations of our family have always pursued that profession or owned that business.

Often, we make such career decisions because they are the easy path and involve little or no risk, or because we fear change. The prevailing wisdom is that you go into a “practical” profession in which you are assured of making money, having professional growth and eventual success. But what if it’s a job in which you are not truly fulfilled?

The inherent skills or talents that most of us have (and typically have a passion for) can be applied to any one of a variety of occupations. For example, being highly organized is a skill/talent that’s useful in most any position; being visionary is an ability that would be valuable in any leadership role.

Identify a skill or talent you have that can be useful in multiple professions (and you do have one!). Take a look at that natural skill(s) or talent(s), then think about where you could really put them to use — a job in which they would not only be beneficial but which involves a passion of yours.

For example:

  • If you are a really good teacher, but unsatisfied working in a typical classroom setting, there are many other types of jobs where the skills of a teacher would be useful. Are you a teacher with an interest in fitness, yoga or working more with adults and professionals? You could become a personal trainer, a yoga instructor or a corporate trainer.
  • If you are a journalist with a notable flair for writing, you could transfer those skills to corporate communications, public relations, advertising, or other areas of marketing.
  • If you are a great speaker, that gift could be put to work in a career in broadcasting, podcasting, voice-over radio advertising, motivational speaking, speaker training, corporate training or teaching.

You spend most of your life working. Find a skill or talent you have that can be applied in a position that will make you truly happy. Even if you’re entrenched in your current profession or near retirement, it’s never too late to parlay your skills, talents and passions into a second career or a job you’d really love. This is the perfect opportunity to make a difference in your life.

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