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Email How do I set follow-up tasks and reminders? (TaskMANAGER)

The TaskMANAGER is another powerful function of our online TRACKER. It  allows you to schedule followup tasks (phone calls, meetings, interviews, etc.) related to each Resume or Letter, and get onscreen and email reminders. The TRACKER and TaskMANAGER work together, so they are both found in the Activity Tracking window.

To access the TaskMANAGER...

  1. First, open the TRACKER by clicking Track Resume or Track Letter under the desired document on the “My Resumes” or “My Letters” page – OR – by clicking the Tracker button (top-right of screen) when you're working on an open Resume or Letter.
  2. This opens up the Activity Tracking window, where you see all the specifics of “when, who, where, how, and what” you sent your documents. You’ll see a column called Tasks on the far left of the chart.
  3. Click New Task next to the document you want to set a follow-up task for. You can then specify when the task needs to be completed, and even schedule email reminders for yourself!

(Note: If your left-hand column says "Delete" instead of "Task," click Create New Task to switch back into Task mode.)

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