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Email How do I email my resume or letter?

It’s easier than ever to email your Resume, with or without an accompanying Cover Letter, directly from our site. Here’s how…

  1. Open a copy of the Resume and click the Email icon (top-right on the menu bar).
  2. A new window will open asking for standard email information. Fill in the requested fields. (Some fields are filled in for you, but you may change them manually if you wish.)
  3. Select the Format you wish to send: Text, HTML, PDF, or Word. (If you’re not sure what Format to send, see the next question, “How do I decide which Email Format to send?”)
  4. If you want to attach a Cover Letter, click the down arrow and select an existing Letter from the drop-down menu. Or, click Create New Letter to start a new one.
  5. Click Preview to make sure it all looks good.
  6. Click Send.

Your email is now on its way! Note: To email your letter, just follow the same instructions above but replace "resume" with "letter."

For even more help, visit our Learning Center and Blog. They offer up-to-date advice to guide you through each phase of your job search.

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