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Email How do I copy and paste my resume or letter to an online job board?

Job boards require resumes to be posted as plain (ASCII) Text, so the first step is to remove the formatting in your resume.

To do this, open the resume and click the Download button. In the Download window, select Text format.  A window will open up showing your resume as plain, unformatted Text.

Rather than downloading, you can simply Copy the Text, then Paste it to the job board! If you prefer to save it to your computer first, go to your Browser's menu bar and save it to your desired location. 

TIP: Although Text files cannot be formatted with bold, italics, etc., it is possible to get "creative" using the standard characters on your keyboard. For example, Headings can be made ALL CAPS, and text can be emphasized using rows of hyphens (-), equal signs (=), etc.  Asterisks (*), plus signs (+), or hyphens (-) can serve as bullets.


* Bullet 1
* Bullet 2

+ Bullet 1
+ Bullet 2

- Bullet 1
- Bullet 2

(The same steps apply to formatting your Letter in plain Text.)

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