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Perfecting Your Interview Skills

Interview 'Signs' Can Be Misleading

Alison Green's recent U.S. News & World Report blog post, 7 Signs Your Interview Went Well, got me thinking about how you can tell if your interview went well or badly. Too often, we sit waiting patiently at home for weeks after an interview, only to learn the company is not interested and actually never was. While I applaud Alison's 7 Signs, I also know that interviewers can be masters of deception. Here are other ways of interpreting those signs.  More »

One Against Many: The Job Interview Gauntlet

It's rare for someone to go through his or her professional life without facing what I call the job interview gauntlet - a situation in which not one person, but a panel or group, conducts the interview. In my career, I've faced several forms of the interview gauntlet. You may have experienced some of them too. Here's how I would describe various group interview processes, and what you might expect out of them.  More »

How to Handle 6 Dumb Things Interviewers Do

Many interviewers, including hiring managers, recruiters, and HR generalists, seem to forget what it was like when they were job seekers and dealt with the bad behaviors some interviewers put them through. Good interviewers are prepared, on time, and treat every applicant with respect. Bad interviewers don't. So, here's a list of six really dumb things bad interviewers do and how you can deal with them.  More »

'What Do You Think is Your Greatest Weakness?'

The recent blog post, 5 Really Stupid Questions from Interviewers, elicited several comments about an oft-asked and much-hated interview question: What do you think is your greatest weakness? Here's some advice on how to answer.  More »

5 Really Stupid Questions from Interviewers

Interviewers often struggle with what questions to ask job candidates as they try to rapidly understand the skill sets and work styles of applicants they have just met. It's not easy to predict someone's future job performance in a 45-minute interview. Some interviewers are very skilled and well trained, but the vast majority are not. This results in some fairly creative, yet rather stupid, interview questions.  More »

How to Tell an Interviewer You Were Fired? Spin to Win

The interview is going splendidly. You seem to have exactly the background they're looking for. You've built a good rapport with your interviewers, and you have a good feeling about the corporate culture. Then comes the question you've been dreading: Why did you leave your last job? Your challenge lies in how to spin the answer to avoid coming off as a whiner.  More »

Talk is Cheap, Except in the Phone Interview

In the business world, when someone questions whether a colleague can walk the walk or just talk the talk, it's usually the walking that's considered more important. But when it comes to the job search, sometimes talking the talk is the critical element. Think of the phone interview.  More »

4 F-Words to Help You Prepare for a Second Interview

Congratulations, you've landed the second interview! All that hard work and research really paid off. Do a little dance and Twitter your excitement, but don't get too comfortable just yet. You've still got some work cut out to land the offer. Keep your eye on the prize and prepare a solid strategy with the help of these four F-words!  More »

Stay Cool on the Hot Seat: 2 Tough Interview Questions

Certain interview questions are enough to unnerve the most prepared job candidate. Two that come to mind are: What do you think is your greatest weakness? and What do you like least about your current (or most recent) job? They may seem like ridiculous questions, but you have to answer them because being evasive could cost you a chance at landing a great career opportunity.  More »

You're Leaving and They Want to Know Why

After What salary are you looking for? the interview question job seekers most often agonize over is Why did you leave your job? For most of us, it's tough to try to explain to an outsider why we left (or are looking to leave) our most recent positions. Here are some ideas to help you answer the question.  More »
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