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Perfecting Your Interview Skills

What's Your Favorite Question to Ask in An Interview?

If you browse through the archived posts in this blog, you'll find plenty of advice about questions you must ask during a job interview. Asking the interviewer questions is a good way to find out more about the company or the job you're interested in.  More »

Two Minutes of Research Might Have Saved My Interview

There are plenty of ways to blow a job interview, but being unprepared is probably the most common. Despite knowing that, I once lost out on a great job in marketing communications at a hospital because I didn't bother to do my research before the interview. Don't make the same mistake I did...  More »

How to Get Time Off for a Job Interview

When you're employed and secretly job hunting, scheduling interviews is tricky. The best strategy (making the appointment outside of work hours) is not always an option, which means you'll need to ask for time off. And you can't be totally truthful about the reason (yet) without the risk of pissing off your boss. So how exactly do you ask for time off, without unduly compromising your integrity or your job security? There's no perfect answer, but here's the least imperfect way.  More »

Top 4 Body Blunders in the Job Interview

Despite what you may have assumed about the term body blunders, I'm not talking about passing gas - though you should try REALLY hard not to let that happen in an interview. I'm talking about your body language and the signals your movements send. Here's a short list of the biggest body blunders that could ruin your interview - no matter how skilled or qualified you are.  More »

Never Go to a Job Interview Without These 10 Things

In a perfect world, you could act like Goldilocks in your job interviews, trying different options until everything was just right. If your chair was too hard, or your interviewer was a twit, you could switch to a better one. Unfortunately, that's a fairy tale. You're pretty much stuck with the chair or the interviewers you're given. You can't control everything, but you can control how prepared you are and what you take with you. Here are 10 must-have and 7 nice-to-have items that the well-prepared job seeker should carry to the interview...  More »

Stand Out in the Job Market: Part II - Interviewing

There are two things every job seeker must do to secure a great job: Create an interview-winning resume, and nail the interview. The first blog post in this series, Stand Out in a Rough Job Market: Part I - Your Resume, covered the first part. This post tackles how you can nail the interview by standing out from the competition.  More »

Dumbass Mistakes New Grads Make in Interviews

In a recent CareerBuilder poll, more than 3,000 hiring managers and HR professionals were asked to identify the biggest mistakes new college graduates make during the application and interview process. Based on the percentage of respondents who gave each answer, these are the top 8 dumbass moves among new grads  More »

Is Caller ID Sabotaging Your Job Search?

Here's a real-world, this-really-happened lesson for job seekers: If your cell phone or land line is set up to reject calls that don't show up in caller ID, you might be screening yourself right out of an interview. This is exactly what happened when one of PongoResume's hiring directors (we'll call her Mary) tried to call some job candidates earlier this week.  More »

TMI: How to Talk Yourself Out of a Job

When you interview for a job, nothing will hurt you more than revealing too much information in response to a question. Giving away personal details that interviewers have no business knowing, and that will not impact how well you can do your job, can earn you a speed pass to the bottom of the candidate pile. Refer to this short list of topics you should avoid talking about in your next interview.  More »

How to Choose the Best Job Offer, Part I

Wahoo! You got an offer! Your job search and interviewing strategies paid off. But wait ... what's that? You have two offers? Three? Holy cow! If this is the boat you're in, consider yourself lucky. But which one do you take? Here's a handy chart that compares two hypothetical offers that you can use as a guide to help you make your decision.  More »
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