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Notable Blog Comments of 2010

During the last week each December, media organizations take a glance over their shoulders at the top stories of the soon-to-be-finished year. We thought about doing something similar with our top blog posts, but, well—BORING!

Instead, we're taking this opportunity to thank all those who took the time to read our posts and register comments this year. We fielded nearly 1,200 comments, and want to call attention to a few that really stood out. Here, in no particular order, are seven of the top blog comments from 2010:

From: Do Employers Put Too Much Emphasis on a College Degree?

"I've been hitting the job boards pretty hard for the last two months and I'm amazed (and a little dismayed) by the number of entry-level, or very low-paying jobs asking for a degree as part of the requirement. Granted, many job postings will ask for a specific degree 'or equivalent experience,' but I have to wonder if the hiring managers are glossing over otherwise very qualified applicants if no degree is listed.

"In my last managerial position, the only person I regretted hiring, and consequently had to let go after 90 days, was the guy with a bachelor's degree. Everyone else was hired based on experience alone. Not that there isn't value in education--there most certainly is! But experience, proven knowledge, and good references should put an applicant at the top of the pile." 
— James Burnitt

From: Is Your Functional Resume Keeping You Unemployed?

"So true. As an employer that has reviewed and hired over 300 people in the past 12 months, I can say that functional resumes are worthless.

"I don't want to know that someone has 'strong communication skills.' I'd rather have someone show me they have strong communication skills by using their resume to communicate their ACTUAL capabilities with me." 
— Jeremiah

From: 5 Things You Should Never Reveal in a Job Interview

"In the same vein as "revealing" things in a job interview, I have two "ouch" moments I remember clearly when I was younger:

"(1) When I was 22, my answer to the 'Where do you want to (be) in 5 years?' question (which is a stupid question IMHO)—'I'd like to be as rich as Bill Gates.' My thought process? It would show I have initiative and drive.

"(2) I was interviewing for an internship with a mergers and acquisitions (M&A) firm. Two people interviewing me and something came up about 'Tommy Lee.' They asked me if I knew who he was. I said 'drummer for Motley Crue?' Didn't even know that Thomas Lee was one of the best-known M&A guys out there."
 — Andy

From: Is College Still the Surest Path to Success?

"Currently I am a college student. Every day I wonder if this degree will actually get me somewhere. My parents hope for success, but at the same time there is no guarantee. But I love learning and without education I feel that we are nothing. The more educated we are the more we can understand and change the world. However I do believe that that education does not need to come from a college degree. And with more and more people going to college and less and less jobs available, we will still need people to do the 'dirty jobs.' There is nothing wrong with this. Our society thrives off of it. But right now we are in a predicament that will either change the way we approach creating new jobs or less people will go to college.  P.S. College should not cost so much ... everyone should go but paying this much is a crime." — Cassie

From: How Do You Define a Job Hopper?

"As an HR Manager, I define (a job hopper) as someone who has been in the market for a while and has spent less than a year with several companies (and I mean several). Sometimes even if it's in the same field. Less than a year is not always long enough to learn the ropes. They need a really good reason as to why they have moved around a lot. There are several instances, however, that it's perfectly ok. I've actually hired job hoppers that understand the industry or have done well on the interview. I tell them, I know people may not stay long as long as they learn while they're here. I do like to give people a chance until they prove me wrong." — Dianne Walker

From: How to Get Hired after You've Been Fired (or Worse)

"Mine was a situation where the job I had was a two-year contract position. When I was done, nothing was ever said one way or the other. I thought things were fine and asked for references, which they were willing to give. Seven months after the position ended, I discovered from a friend that one of my references was giving me a bad recommendation. He didn't know who—just that it was happening.

"I had already been doing some work through a temp agency and was part way through a 4-month placement. I scrapped all of my references and chose different ones, including one person from the 4-month position. I landed a new job within two months of making that change."
 — Melissa

From: 7 Resume Writing Tips for Your Education Section

"To date or not to date? It's all part of your life story. Maturity has its value as does any fresh generation and those in between. The CONFIDENCE we have as who we are and what we have done and what we can do is fundamental here." — Edward Knopping

From all of us at Pongo, our best wishes for the holiday season, a prosperous 2011, and a fruitful job hunt!

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