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7 Resume Tips from 7 Resume Professionals

Pongo Customer Support Right across the hall from my department, there are seven full-time Pongo customer support specialists who are all CPRWs (certified professional resume writers). Maybe you’ve even contacted them. They talk to hundreds of our job seeking customers every day, offering account help, job search advice, resume and cover letter assistance, interview tips, and whatever else a job seeker might need (except a paycheck… sorry).

I sat in on their recent team meeting, and asked what tips they give out the most. It was pretty amazing how quickly the answers came flying out. Here's a list of their top tips:

7 Tips from 7 CPRWs

  1. “A resume isn’t supposed to be a history of your old jobs. It’s supposed to be a marketing document to promote you as the best candidate for the job you want.”
  2. “Keep your resume short and sweet—if it’s not relevant to the job you want, leave it out.”
  3. “If you have experience in the field you’re applying for, don’t use an Objective; use a Summary of Qualifications.”
  4. “Spell checkers. Use them, but don’t trust them. Always have someone else proofread your resume and cover letter.”
  5. Bullet lists are easier to read than paragraphs.”
  6. “Don’t use the words I, me, or my in your resume.” 
  7. “In your Experience section, start each bullet point with a verb—use present tense for a job you’re still working in, and past tense for past jobs.”

Do you have other questions about resumes, cover letters, interviews or job search best practices? Post a comment below, or send your question to @Ask_Pongo on Twitter and get a reply from our customer support team!

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