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Home > Blog: Resumes > Video Resumes: If You Must Create One, Don't Be Dave

Video Resumes: If You Must Create One, Don't Be Dave

Dave's Video ResumeSince it's so easy to make a video and post it on the web, you might be thinking a video resume would be a great way to stand out in your job search. Let's see, how can I say this gently? Just don't do it. Video resumes have been around for several years, but have you ever seen a job posting that asked for one? I haven't. There are many reasons they've failed to replace traditional resumes and cover letters, and this video resume from an unhirable character named Dave illustrates many of them.

Here are five more reasons video resumes aren't likely to replace written resumes any time soon:

  1. Some employers don't have the software (e.g., QuickTime) to open video files.
  2. There's no standard structure for video resumes.
  3. Video reveals things about you that open the possibility of discrimination.
  4. Most companies today require online applications, and you can't apply online with a video resume.
  5. Hiring managers can't compare a video resume to a printed resume; they're apples and oranges.

Video resumes might make sense in certain, specific situations. If you're a professional actor or a videographer, for instance, a well-done video resume could be a great way to showcase your skills. And if you're in a high-tech industry where everything is web-based, a video clip lasting no more than a minute or two could be an effective way to present your elevator pitch.

If you decide to create a video as a means of promoting yourself in the job market, be sure to get help from someone who knows a thing or two about creating professional videos. Don't be Dave!

After you check out Dave's video resume on YouTube, check out a few more examples and post a comment below.


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