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Encouraging Job Search News for New Grads

For most college seniors, campus life draws to a close this week, giving way to the transition into the next phase of life: usually the work force.

If you're graduating soon, congratulations! If you're among the roughly 75% seeking a full-time job, here are four things that might help or inspire you:

Internships count as experience. According to CareerBuilder, 62% of employers in a recent survey believe internships related to the job you're applying for qualify as work experience. So, if you had one or more while you were in college, play it up on your resume. If not, and you find it hard to land a job, consider an internship in your target field now.

Your chances of getting hired are a bit better than those of the Class of 2009. Employers expect to hire 5.3% more graduates from this year's crop of college seniors than they did from their immediate predecessors, according to the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE).

Knowledge and passion can pay off. Don't take just our word for it. Employers consider a candidate's knowledge about the company one of the most influential factors that can sway their decision about hiring someone right out of college, CareerBuilder says. Another is asking good questions at the interview.

Thinking of relocating to a big city? Think about Atlanta, Phoenix, Denver, Dallas, or Boston. and say those are five desirable cities, based on culture, lifestyle, and cost of renting an apartment. "Finding an affordable apartment and a good job may determine where to live, but it's also important to look at cities offering the culture and lifestyle these young adults enjoy," says Tammy Kotula of

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