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Home > Blog: Job Seeker Tips > Happy Earth Day! Here's How to Find a Green Job

Happy Earth Day! Here's How to Find a Green Job

Earth DayMuch of the world marks the 41st annual Earth Day today. Amid increased warnings about climate change and long-standing calls to make our air and water cleaner, many employers have embraced efforts to improve the environment as part of their corporate social responsibility agendas.

Whole industries and career paths have emerged to control the natural resources and energy we use, creating a new category of jobs with the label "green collar." Green jobs aren't just for environmentalists; they require people with construction, science, and engineering backgrounds, as well as experts in finance, law, marketing, sales, customer service, and business management. Even corporate IT departments have embraced "green IT" programs, in part to limit the energy they use to keep computer networks up and running.

If you're currently job searching, you might want to consider one of these roles (as long as you have some of the experience employers are looking for). Here are five sites that promote listings for jobs in the green arena:—This is also a good place for candidates to post their resumes and get job search guidance.

Green Jobs Network (and—You can browse for jobs under 30 categories, from "air quality" to "wind power." Or, browse by city and state.

GreenBiz.comThis also offers advice to businesses on how to align environmental responsibility with corporate goals. One recent job posting: Marketing Director for a San Francisco-based broker of clean technology for corporations.

Green Dream JobsYou can read the latest news affecting the environment and get advice on investing in green industries while you browse for jobs.
Find jobs, take part in contests, and take a quiz about the history of Earth Day. (I answered only 5 of 10 questions correctly; I'm sure many of you can do better.)

How much does a "green job" interest you? Share your perspective below.


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