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Home > Blog: In the Workplace > Dirty-Sounding Jobs Quiz: Guess the Industries

Dirty-Sounding Jobs Quiz: Guess the Industries

Impregnation Inspector? Nope, wrong industry!You won't see too many job ads for "Bosom Pressers" or "Blind Hookers," but those are real job titles. And despite the smutty images your mind may have conjured up, those and the rest of the dirty-sounding jobs listed below are legitimate occupations pulled directly from the U.S. Department of Labor's Dictionary of Occupational Titles (1991 Edition).

I have to admit this post won't help advance your career, but maybe it will make you laugh.

Just for fun, take our quiz, and see if you can guess which industry these titles are from! (Correct answers appear below.)

TITLE:  Bosom Presser 
  Military Services or Laundry & Related Services?

TITLE:  Blind Hooker
  Boot & Shoe or Forestry?

TITLE:  Rubber Tester
  Motion Picture or Rubber Goods?

TITLE:  Rack Carrier
  Paper Goods or Automotive Services?

TITLE:  Vibrator-Equipment Tester
  Personal Service or Machinery Manufacturing?

TITLE:  Parts Inspector
  Real Estate or Many Industries?

TITLE:  Boner
  Government Services or Meat Products?

TITLE:  Fur Beater
  Fur Goods or Dairy Products?

TITLE:  Bottom Nailer
  Leather Manufacturing or Wooden Container?

TITLE:  Pantyhose-Crotch-Closing-Machine Operator
  Welding or Knitting?

TITLE:  Suppository Molder
  Pharmaceutical or Sugar & Confectionery Products?

TITLE:  Muff Winder
  Air Transportation or Textile?

TITLE:  Bit Shaver
  Petroleum Refining or Misc. Fabricated Products?

TITLE:  Nut Picker
  Machine Shop or Canning & Preserving?

TITLE:  Impregnation Inspector
  Electrical Equipment or Chemical?

Check your answers here, and let us know how well you did by posting a comment below. And if you know of any other goofy job titles, add them, as well!

Bosom Presser: Laundry & Related Services
Blind Hooker: Boot & Shoe
Rubber Tester: Rubber Goods
Rack Carrier: Paper Goods
Vibrator-Equipment Tester: Machinery Manufacturing
Parts Inspector: Many Industries
Boner: Meat Products
Fur Beater: Fur Goods
Bottom Nailer: Wooden Container
Pantyhose-Crotch-Closing-Machine Operator: Knitting
Suppository Molder: Pharmaceutical
Muff Winder: Textile
Bit Shaver: Misc. Fabricated Products
Nut Picker: Canning & Preserving
Impregnation Inspector: Electrical Equipment 

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