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Home > Blog: Resumes > Fans of The Office: Here's Dwight Schrute's Resume!

Fans of The Office: Here's Dwight Schrute's Resume!

Who would put manure dodge ball on their resume? Dwight K. Schrute would! And manure dodge ball is just one of the exciting recreational activities he boasts about to co-workers.

It's amazing how much material you can find on his life at Dunder Mifflin (and then some), if you just look in the right places. I got all the information I needed on Dwight from Wikipedia, Trip Advisor, and NBC's web site, to create a totally imaginary, just-for-fun version of his resume. Here's a taste:


  • Star salesman, beet farmer, bed & breakfast proprietor, aspiring freelance bodyguard, office building owner, and  former assistant [to the] regional manager
  • Able to vanquish customer resistance through physically imposing alpha-male traits and insatiable, merciless, jackhammer-like techniques
  • 13-time winner of Salesman of the Month award in 2005 and Salesman of the Year
  • Leader and mentor of underlings
  • Expert in martial arts weaponry, paintball, and pre-industrial German

Want more? Check out the rest of his faux-resume here.  

While you might not have Dwight's "experience", you can still write a great resume. Pongo can help you create a resume that will truly impress employers.

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