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The Job Search Followup Guide You Can't Live Without

Job searching is time-consuming and tricky, but what can be even more complex is figuring out when the right time is to follow up on each action you take toward landing that next job.

That's where a schedule comes in handy. Use these guidelines to take the guesswork out of finding the right time to contact employers after each step in your job search.

Job Search Event Follow Up Time
After Submitting Your Resume

On the date you indicated in your cover letter, or after 1 week.

Don't be pushy; respect their time. Just verify that they got your resume, then reiterate your interest, ask about the status of the hiring process, and find out if and when to follow up again.

After a Phone Interview

Within 24 hours.

During the phone interview, ask for the person's name and email, then send a thank-you email.

If you scheduled an in-person interview during this time, consider sending an email the day before to verify the time and place of the interview, the names and titles of the interviewers, and to let the employer know you're looking forward to meeting them.

After the First Interview

Within 24 hours.

Get business cards from each interviewer and send them separate thank-you emails. Highlight the parts of the interview you found most interesting, and clarify any points you believe need more explanation.

After the Second Interview

Within 24 hours.

Again, send thank-you emails to each interviewer, expressing your interest in the position and excitement about the next step in the process.

After Receiving a Job Offer

By their specified deadline, or within approximately 72 hours.

This is a personal preference. The employer might give you a deadline to provide an answer, but usually a response within a few days is acceptable.

If you need more time to weigh other offers, make that clear when the offer is presented.

Note: If you know you want the job and are pleased with the terms of the offer, go ahead and accept it immediately. But if you are not pleased with the offer and plan to negotiate the terms or reject it completely, it's best to let them know as soon as possible.

These are some general guidelines for figuring out the proper times to follow up on your actions. Every job-search scenario is different, so if you have a question about a particular situation, please ask below!

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