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POLL: Salary Requirements in Your Cover Letter

Cover Letter Chocolate AnalogyIt's almost Valentine's Day, so let's use a chocolate analogy...

Putting salary requirements in your cover letter is like saying: "I am a delicious chocolate treat and I would like you to pay $19.95 for me."

The employer (having never met you) might read your cover letter and assume you're an overpriced bag of Hershey's Kisses – when in reality, you could just as easily be an underpriced box of Godiva Truffles.

Therefore, the rule is: no salary talk in your cover letter.

But what if the job ad specifies that all applications must include a cover letter with salary requirements? Choose an answer from our poll below to let us know how you would handle this cover letter dilemma: 

Please feel free to elaborate or share your thoughts in the Comments section below! 

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