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Home > Blog: Work/Life > Happy (Semi-) Anniversary to Us!

Happy (Semi-) Anniversary to Us!

We hope you'll forgive a moment of self-indulgence as we mark the six-month anniversary of The Pongo Blog. We launched (lovingly) on Valentine's Day 2008, and here we are today, commemorating this semi-milestone.

In a mild form of celebration, we thought we'd relist five of our favorite posts from the past six months.

In case you missed them the first time around, here they are again:

We post about three times a week on a range of career-related topics, and we hope you'll become a regular reader and contributor, if you aren't already!

  • The Blog Subscription box in the upper left corner makes it easy to subscribe via RSS Feed or email so you can get blog updates delivered where it's convenient for you. (It's free and we don't spam.)
  • The left margin also offers you the chance to learn about who we are in the About the Authors box, or read some of our Popular Posts from the past six months.
  • For access to ALL the posts we've written on various topics, click the Archives link that appears in the box below each post (See it down there?).

We'd like to thank those of you who've contributed to our growing community by reading posts, leaving your comments, and adding us to your blogrolls. We hope our advice and insights have at least sometimes achieved our goal of helping your job search and career management efforts.

And one last thing: Please let us know what you'd like to know about resumes, cover letters, interviews, job search, or work/life balance. This blog can only be successful if YOU are interested in what we have to say. So how can we serve you better? Leave your comments below!

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